The woman swallowed a spoon and did not go to the hospital for 10 days

A unique case occurred with a resident of the Chinese city of Shenzhen. While eating, she accidentally swallowed a fishbone and tried in every possible way to get it. I decided to try to extract the bone from my throat with a spoon, but – I swallowed it. 

A 13-centimeter metal spoon ended up in the woman’s belly. Moreover, she stayed there, causing neither pain nor any discomfort. 

Only on the tenth day, the Chinese woman decided to go to the hospital. The spoon was found and removed, the procedure took ten minutes. According to the doctor, if she had not been taken out in time, internal bleeding could have begun.


This is not the first time that people have swallowed spoons. As a rule, they try to reach something stuck in the throat with a spoon. Often the cause of spoons getting inside a person is fright while eating. But, of course, in general, the victims try to go to the hospital immediately after the incident. 

Despite the fact that a foreign object in the body is always fraught with serious health consequences, it is not always possible to notice it. So, a 51-year-old Briton, 44, lived with a toy in his nose, unaware of it. One day, a man sneezed sharply and a coin-sized rubber suction cup popped out. It was then that he understood why he had suffered from headaches and sinusitis for so many years.

Be alert and healthy!

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