Why do we need plants?

Michel Polk, acupuncturist and herbalist, shares with us the remarkable properties of plants on the human body. Each of the properties is tested on the own experience of a girl from North America, as well as scientific research.

Want to get ready for cold season? Get in the habit of walking among the trees in a cozy park. It has been studied that spending time in nature improves immunity. Reducing the impact of stress, along with phytoncides sold by plants, has a beneficial effect on human health.

A large study conducted in the UK over 18 years with a sample of 10000 people found that people who live among plants, trees and parks are happier than those who do not have access to nature. Surely you have noticed the difference between being in a room with white walls and in a room with photo wallpapers depicting forest flowers – the latter automatically improves your mood.

The presence of flowers and plants in hospital rooms has shown an increase in the rate of recovery of patients after surgery. Even watching the trees from your window can help you recover from illness faster. Just three to five minutes of contemplation of natural scenery reduces anger, anxiety and pain.

Offices that lack paintings, decor, personal mementos, or plants are considered the most “toxic” workspaces. A study by the University of Exeter found the following phenomenon: Workspace productivity increased by 15% when houseplants were placed in an office space. Having a plant on your desktop has both psychological and biological benefits.

Children who spend a lot of time in nature (for example, those raised in the countryside or the tropics) have a greater ability to concentrate and learn in general. They tend to get along better with people due to their increased sense of compassion.

Plants and people go side by side with each other on the path of evolution. In modern life with its pace, it is very easy to forget that we are all inextricably linked with nature and are part of it.

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