The pilot ordered 23 pizzas for passengers on the plane

An Air Canada plane was flying from Toronto to Golifax, but was unable to land at its destination due to the weather, so it went to Fredericton Airport. Passengers had to sit on the plane for several hours while waiting for departure due to the fact that the airport was busy.

Then the pilot came up with an extraordinary solution to brighten up the wait. He called the local Minglers pub and ordered pizza for the passengers.

Jofie Larivet, Minglers Pub Manager, received a call from the pilot and took an order for 23 cheese and pepperoni pizzas. The owner of the establishment later said that it was the most unusual order of his career. The staff quickly prepared 23 pizzas and delivered them on the plane within an hour.


The next day, the pilot called the restaurant and thanked the staff for the prompt delivery of food.

According to the owner of the pizzeria, he was happy to participate in such a noble cause, despite the fact that the order was made in inclement weather, and he had only three employees at his disposal.

The passengers also approved of this act. So, the passenger of the plane, Philomena Hughes, said that the hours spent on board could turn into severe stress, but the pilot did not allow this thanks to the pizza venture. 

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