Invented a thermos sweatshirt for pizza lovers

For those who simply cannot live without their favorite pizza, the American startup ScrapTownUSA offers to buy a Pizza Pocket Hoodie with a breast pocket. The pocket is made in such a way that a special triangular cover with thermal insulation is placed in it, which allows you to keep the pizza warm for several hours.

The pocket itself is stylized as a slice of pizza and looks very appetizing.

The developers assure that such wearing of pizza on the chest is absolutely safe, and the sweatshirt will not be stained. And the sweatshirt is positioned as an excellent piece of clothing for those who like to eat warm pizza on the go.


Now information about this invention is posted on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in order to raise money for the implementation of this project.

The first 25 people to fund the project will be able to purchase the sweatshirt for $ 49, while the rest will get it for $ 55. 

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