The truth about brown sugar

Proponents of proper nutrition believe that it is necessary to substitute refined white sugar in your diet for a more healthy alternative to brown. How justified is this reshuffle, and what you need to know about brown sugar before deciding to take this step?

The manufacturers advertise that raw brown sugar contains a lot of vitamins. It is longer than ordinary sugar, and therefore hunger soon makes itself felt. However, scientists believe that the properties of brown sugar are greatly exaggerated.

If the production of white sugar all clear – it is made from sugar cane or sugar beets. Then the production of brown sugar is somewhat more complicated.

The truth about brown sugar

Brown sugar is extracted from cane, which is purified by special technology.

Unlike beet sugar, which turns raw tasteless, the cane, even without treatment, has a pleasant taste and aroma of molasses. The brown color it has thanks to the molasses, which remains on the surface of the crystals.

Brown sugar is really healthier than white, but not because of any special properties or low-calorie. Just the less handling of the product, so it is a priori more useful – saves more vitamins. But the amount of sugar consumed by people will not be able to saturate the body with all necessary because the difference in the use of white and brown sugar from this point of view almost invisible.

The truth about brown sugar

Information that brown sugar has fewer calories is incorrect. It is a simple carbohydrate, a caloric content of about 400 kilocalories per 100 grams. If you use brown sugar also comes the release of insulin in the blood, as in the usual white. Therefore, the excess weight will gain.

The high demand for brown sugar around sold a lot of fakes – burnt or painted sugar that is similar in color to natural brown. Not to buy a fake, you should order the product from trusted suppliers. The price of brown sugar can’t be below due to its labor-intensive production.

With water to distinguish a fake brown sugar from the original impossible. Natural brown sugar may also tint the water yellow, as the molasses contained on the surface of the sugar crystals dissolve in liquid.

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