How hunger affects the body

Without food, you can do it within a few months, but the feeling of hunger is undesirable for the body. Why is it not worth getting involved in diets based on low consumption of food?

Food brings to our body energy through glucose. Without food, the body starts to operate in economic mode and replenish glucose reserves; it begins to break down glycogen. The internal resources of the body are depleted.

During the day, the body depletes all muscle glycogen and goes to the production of energy from fat reserves. The person begins to feel fatigued, lack energy, irritability. The hungry brain poorly processes the information. After all, only feeding him in the night, you need 120 grams of glucose.

How hunger affects the body

After the body is completely convinced of the absence of glucose, the brain begins to pull the remains. The body ceases to produce insulin, and without it, glucose cannot get to the muscles.

A week later, the body works in the mode of a terrible economy. The frequency of heartbeats is reduced, the reduced temperature and blood pressure. At the same time, the brain still consumes the maximum possible energy. Fatty acids begin to be processed into the ketone body, feeding the brain instead of glucose.

Lack of food is the shortfall in vitamins and minerals. Without the resource, the human immune system starts to break down—starving people at risk of dying from trivial basic infections that the immune system couldn’t fight.

How hunger affects the body

For the production of glucose, the brain begins to use the proteins of your own body. They collapse, blood comes in amino acids, the liver converts them into glucose — this phenomenon is called autophagy. The first to suffer muscles, giving your protein. And the man is literally eating himself.

Recommendations fasting is always about 1-2 days, and too often, the abuse of hunger can start irreversible processes in the body, and restore your own health will be very hard.

Whatever the problem tried to be solved with starvation, you will always find a way to use certain combinations of products. Proper nutrition – healthy whole body!

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