Acupuncture and eye health

The eyes are a reflection of the overall health of the body. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be detected by an experienced eye doctor.

How can acupuncture help with eye diseases?

Our entire body is covered with tiny electrical points, known in Chinese medicine as acupuncture points. They are located along energy flows called meridians. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that if the energy flows smoothly through the meridians, then there is no disease. When a block is formed in the meridian, disease appears. Each acupuncture point is highly sensitive, allowing the acupuncturist to access meridians and clear blockages.

The human body is a single complex of all systems. All its tissues and organs are interconnected and interdependent. Therefore, the health of the eyes, as an optical organ of the body, is dependent on all other organs.

Acupuncture has been shown to be successful in treating many eye problems, including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, neuritis, and optic nerve atrophy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, all eye diseases are related to the liver. However, the condition of the eyes also depends on other organs. The lens of the eye and the pupil belong to the kidneys, the sclera to the lungs, the arteries and veins to the heart, the upper eyelid to the spleen, the lower eyelid to the stomach, and the cornea and diaphragm to the liver.

Experience shows that eye health is a dynamic process involving the following factors:

1. Type of work (90% of accountants and 10% of farmers suffer from myopia)

2. Lifestyle (smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee or exercise, positive attitude to life)

3. Stress

4. Nutrition and digestion

5. Used medicines

6. Genetics

There are many points around the eyes (mostly around the eye sockets). 

Here are some main points according to acupuncture:

  • UB-1. Bladder channel, this point is located in the inner corner of the eye (closer to the nose). UB-1 and UB-2 are the main points responsible for the early stages of cataracts and glaucoma before vision loss.
  • UB-2. The bladder canal is located in the recesses at the inner ends of the eyebrows.
  • Yuyao. Point in the middle of the eyebrow. Good for problems associated with anxiety, excessive mental stress, expressed in eye diseases.
  • SJ23. Located at the outer end of the eyebrow. This point is associated with eye and skin problems.
  • GB-1. The point is located on the outer corners of the eye sockets. It is used for conjunctivitis, photophobia, dryness, itching in the eyes, at an early stage of cataracts, as well as lateral headaches.

Visual maps with the location of various points can be found on the Internet.  

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