The Most useful foods

The first and immutable postulate of eternal health: “Our external should become internal“. That is what grows around us, which is our environment, should be included in the composition, the structure of our body must become it. In the surveys of the Soviet gerontologists, of the forty thousand people who turned over the seventy-year milestone, 84% were vegetarians. Based on the fact that, according to tentative estimates, the national average per vegetarian, there are a thousand people that consume meat food, it can be concluded that the vegetarians are 80 times more likely to become centenarians than meat-eaters.

If we are to believe Hippocrates, who argued that food should serve as a medication, you should increase in our diet proportion of plant foods, especially raw, because it contains is necessary for our body vitamins, minerals, including trace elements, organic acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and many others. Biologically active substances in plants determine their original flavor and aroma, a medicinal value that is not yet sufficiently solved.

As for fiber, it’s not dead weight, but on the contrary, the most valuable food item. The greater richness in plant food quenches thirst, prevents obesity, normalizes the acid-alkaline balance. Bring on a quick, totally random overview of what is contained in the “our outside” and that, of course, should be “internal”.

Cabbage available for all the vegetables that can be grown even in the Arctic circle and has remarkable, up to one hundred tons per hectare, yields. Yes, of course, other types of cabbage, make your additional shades in the treasures of the cabbage Kingdom, but refer, however, to the most famous and familiar to us product. What does it give to us? A remarkable amount of vitamin C first. Interestingly, vitamin C in particular the modification occurs during the sauerkraut, and not only occurs but also increased it compared to its fresh look! No vitamin deficiency, anв no aging can be discussed, as long as we consume sauerkraut?

Also, it is a whole pharmacy of other vitamins: vitamin P, vitamins B1 and B3, nicotinic acid, provitamin A, provitamin B, vitamin K, and much, much more. In its outer green leaves, and in the earliest cabbage especially, contains the same folic acid that is necessary for normal hematopoiesis.

However, the juice of cabbage is much more effective, as cooking destroys folic acid. The homeopaths know that there is in cabbage a lot of antiulcer vitamin U as well. the Mineral composition of cabbage is almost similar to the periodic table: potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, fluorine, silicon, zinc, copper, boron, etc.

In connection with the undesirability of an overabundance of salt in our body, it should be noted that potassium in cabbage contains more than sodium salts, so the cabbage is useful to sclerotic, and high blood pressure, and since the rate of acid-alkaline balance (pH) in cabbage is neutral, then it is extremely favorable for patients with high acidity.

If we add that in the cabbage there is a lot of enzymes regulating the fat metabolism that it has almost no starch and not a lot of fructose, it becomes clear that it is a product, priceless for diabetics. The caloric value of cabbage in all its biologically active properties is extremely small, this means that overweight people with it can quickly find the grace and the beauty of the figure. It is also impossible to circumvent such an issue as the healing properties of the leaves of cabbage, can heal external ulcers, wounds, bruises, bruises, calming the aching pain in joints and fractures, burns, and frostbite.

Daily consumption per day of 300 g of apples has led to the almost complete elimination of the human sclerotic phenomena, for it is contained in apple substances surprisingly subtly regulate the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. I dare to recommend to people who have been some disruptions in the activity of the thyroid gland, the regular consumption of not only and not so many apples, but many seeds in their mind to the presence of the organic iodine, which successfully regulates the function of the thyroid gland.

If you look at the root of the roots, the man once came from the same environment, from the Ocean where seaweed grows. And as long as our body consists of seawater with certain complex salts and trace elements, so soon he strives throughout life to support initially incorporated in the balance of these substances.

Exactly the seaweed just to the greatest degree corresponds to this desire. It is rich in salts of iodine, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, bromine, iron, magnesium, contains vitamins A, B and C to a greater extent than apricots. It also contains a set of those rare carbohydrates that should bind and remove away heavy metals entering the human body, including radioactive substances such as strontium.

Along with adsorbent action, as we already know, because of the abundance in it of roughage is a great regulator of all functions of the intestine and the active nutrition for the bacteria in our microflora. The lack of fat, striking molecular, the opportunity to participate in a variety of other dishes without conflict with them. According to the testimony of people who regularly consume it, it visibly improves memory! And no wonder, since it has a strong anti-sclerotic effect.

Pear: the fruit that contains glucose and fructose and thus being an energy substance for the activity of muscles; a product with a large amount of potassium, and consequently, a means for leaching the body, so necessary to it in the confrontation with the acid of internal environments.

Chokeberry: don’t just contain vitamins, it’s a multivitamin a wafer with a list of content so diverse, that it would not fit on a single recipe. Among other advantages one is unique: the strengthening of walls of blood vessels. It is curious that the healing properties of chokeberry are lost during processing.

Of course, overeating it, like everything else in the world, is not necessary, because excessive strengthening of the blood vessels due to overeating Chokeberry can lead to thrombosis of these vessels. However, in this case, nature itself has put some pressure relief valve: the tartness of the berries does not allow to overeat them.

Drain undeservedly considered modest in its abilities of the fruit. Because it contains up to 16% of different kinds of easily digested sugars, the amount of vitamin P, it can challenge the very Queen of all berries – black currants, according to the amount of potassium it is superior to the apricot and therefore very good for cores.

Food for the future is nuts. Contact at least to this phenomenon of the plant world, as pine nuts. It contains 69% oil, the taste is extremely pleasant, up to 18% of vegetable proteins and starch, and indeed the reference protein, the B vitamins, vitamin E, many trace elements, and essential metals.

And don’t forget about the salads, vegetables, and fruit, from a plant of both cultural and wild about mushrooms, the magical dishes from sprouted grains.

Carrots, eggplant, even burdock leaves contain substances that suppress the development of malignant tumors.

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