Making a cream at home: tested on yourself!

The other day I finally made a natural face cream according to the recipe of the beautician Olga Oberyukhtina! I’ll tell you how it was and what it led to! But first, a lyrical digression.

People in different ways come to vegetarianism, veganism, in general, to everything that I call Truth. I have always been disgusted by any names that, in my opinion, divide people, destroy the world, kill universal Love. But this is how a person works, we all the time give names to everything and everyone. And now, when you say that you don’t eat living beings, the question immediately sounds: “Are you a vegetarian?”. I like Yesenin’s words about this. This is what he writes in the letter G.A. Panfilov: “Dear Grisha, … I stopped eating meat, I don’t eat fish either, I don’t use sugar, I want to take off everything leather, but I don’t want to be called a “vegetarian”. What is it for? What for? I am a person who has known the Truth, I no longer want to bear the nicknames of a Christian and a peasant, why will I humiliate my dignity? ..».

So, everyone goes their own way: someone stops wearing fur, others start with a change in diet, someone generally cares not about humanity, but about health benefits. For me, it all started with food, although no, it all started with the head! It didn’t happen with a click, no, there wasn’t a certain event after which I would say to myself: “Stop eating animals!”. Everything came gradually. It even seems to me that if I had made this decision after watching some murderously pitiful film, it would not have given a result. Everything needs to be realized, to come consciously. Therefore, first you change your thoughts, and only then, as a result, you do not want to harm anyone. This is a natural process in which there is no way back to past preferences. There is such an important point here: you do not refuse meat, fish, fur, cosmetics tested on animals, YOU HAVE A NEED not to eat meat, fish, not to wear fur, not to use cosmetics that were produced through someone else’s suffering.

So I had such a chain: first fur and skin left, then meat and fish, after – “cruel cosmetics”. Having established nutrition, that is, having cleansed the body from the inside, as a rule, you think about the outside – about various creams for the face, body, shampoos and more. Initially, I only bought cosmetics with the sign “Not tested on animals”, but gradually a desire appeared to the maximum to replace everything around him with the natural and natural. I began to study the issue of “green cosmetics”, for a start relying on the opinions of people experienced in this matter.

Then Olga Oberyukhtina appeared on my way. Why did I trust her? Everything is simple. When I saw her for the first time, she was not wearing an ounce of makeup, and her skin glowed from the inside. For a long time my hands did not reach the creation of a cream according to Olga’s recipe, although at the same time I advised it to others, including from the newspaper page! One fine Sunday evening, I armed myself with everything I needed and went into action!

The ingredients are ridiculously few, everything is very simple to prepare. I can only pay attention to two points: you will need a table scale for weighing beeswax and a container with divisions for water and oil. I had a measuring cup for liquid, but no scales, I did it according to the old Russian habit “by eye”! In principle, this is possible, but for the first time it is better to do everything in grams. The cream itself is prepared quite quickly, but leave time to eliminate the consequences of the creative process! I washed all the containers from wax and oil for a very long time! Dishwashing liquid did not help, ordinary soap saved. Yes, and do not forget to prepare a jar in which you will store the cream in advance.

And of course, about the result! I use it for a few days, the skin really starts to shine. By the way, when applied, it is not greasy at all, it is quickly absorbed, the texture is pleasant. My sister generally smears them all over from head to toe, she says that after him the skin is soft, like a child’s. And one more thing: after creating the cream, you feel like a real creator! You are full of energy and determination to study this issue further, look for new recipes and create your own. Now I know for sure that there will be no more purchased jars of creams in my house.

All happiness, love and kindness!

Miracle Cream Recipe

You will need:

100 ml of butter ();

10-15 grams of beeswax;

20-30 ml of water ().

Pour the oil into a glass jar and put the pieces of wax there. Melt the wax and oil in a water bath. We try a drop on the hand. Should be a light jelly. If a drop drips off your hand, add another piece of wax the size of your thumbnail. If the drop is smooth and hard, add oil.

After the wax has melted, we start with a mixer or a blender with a whisk in short movements to beat the butter, adding 5 ml of water. We check the desired consistency in the same way – by dropping a drop of our mass on our hand. It should be like a light soufflé. If there is not enough water, then the cream will be greasy and look like an ointment. If there is a lot of water, it will be felt when smearing the drop – there will be many water bubbles on the skin. It’s not scary, just take note for next time. Beat until the mass cools down.

Store strictly in the refrigerator or in a dark cool place.

Self-tests were conducted by Ekaterina SALAKHOVA, Chelyabinsk.

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