Books we recommend to read

Norbekov. The experience of the fool, or the key to enlightenment. How to get rid of points

This is not just a guide for the accelerated training of recovery, not just a treatise on philosophy for the chronic patient-loser, but rather a guide to action. Here is a disclosed system recognized by the International Association of independent experts as the most effective for 1998, alternative health systems.

Shabanova T. A. – Life in harmony with nature. A system of natural healing of Teacher Ivanov

The book describes a system of natural healing of Teacher Ivanov. The healer suggested a simple method of liberation from disease, which is called “Baby”, involving 12 of the mandatory tenets of a healthy lifestyle.

Andrew Yu. a. Three pillars of health

This book talks about the three pillars of our health. It reveals in an accessible form  the “secrets” of healthy lifestyles, outlines the principles and methods of healing from many physical and spiritual ailments, based on the personal experience of the author.

Andrew Yu. a. health Day from morning to evening in the twenty-first century

Yuri Andreev is a master of a healthy lifestyle. The book clearly and in detail describes one-day of a modern busy man – day of health, is able to adjust the body and mind for optimal functioning. Only one day, but it contains the knowledge accumulated by the author over many years of healing practice!

The author is sure that the XXI century is the era of new technologies based on the internal abilities of a person. Use these techniques and you’ll uncover unprecedented reserves of health!

Andrew Y. A. Healing of the man

The main ideas of the book are as follows: health – one of the greatest values of our life; the person it is important to keep them in perfect condition; if the preservation of health will require all of the same intervention, the assistance of a physician should be as skilled.


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