Starting the New Year effectively

The change of the year on the calendar is a weighty reason to “reboot”, tune in to a wave of happiness and become ready for everything that the “newly made” year has prepared for us. After all, this is exactly what we are waiting for from the magical time of the New Year and Christmas holidays! However, miracles are miracles, but life changes for the better, as you know, largely depend on us. So, some simple recommendations on how to contribute to positive life changes from the very beginning of the year: First step: make a long-planned rearrangement in your workplace and in your apartment – this will allow you to start the chain of changes, starting with the minimum. Rearrange the furniture, perhaps put on new wallpaper, get rid of the excess: organize the space in such a way that you like to live, work and develop in it. A clean and well-organized desktop with beautiful new folders will make you feel like change is just beginning and inspire you to make bigger changes in the coming year. The new year is a new beginning and showing a little love and care to yourself is essential. Change the style, hair color, if this is what you wanted to do for a long time, but did not dare. Buy something (albeit not very important, but so desired) for yourself. And, of course, your favorite dessert at this point is a must! An activity that inspires and unleashes creativity is the best way to start the new year. Not only because such activities will entertain you, but will make you happier, calmer and more harmonious, will allow you to expand the boundaries of thinking. If in the previous year you were under a lot of stress, find time and a pleasant place for meditation, pay attention to an interesting book. A week of holidays, time to relax and … back to the working track! Undoubtedly, you have set goals and made a number of firm decisions before the New Year, which are often forgotten on the morning after the chiming clock. Well, it’s time to change the game and remember all the intended goals and plans, as well as start moving towards their implementation, albeit slowly, but every day. If your firm decision to lose extra pounds, it’s time to go and buy a subscription to a fitness club for 6 months – this way you will not give yourself back (after all, your conscience will not allow you to leave the gym, spending the money you earned for nothing 🙂). Each of us has a mountain of untapped talents that are just waiting to be revealed. Challenge yourself – find your talent! Dancing, painting, singing, cross-stitching, whatever. You may need to purchase relevant literature or study online lessons in the chosen direction. Most likely, over the course of a year (or many years?), you make a promise to yourself to quit smoking or become more productive. Whatever it was, it’s time to turn thoughts into reality: NOW. Our negative qualities, habits and everything that we so want to get rid of can sit in us for many years. The longer they last, the more difficult it is to get rid of them. Slashing from the shoulder and trying to win overnight usually doesn’t have a lasting effect. Productive New Year!

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