Start life from scratch

When life leads to the need to “start over” instead of panicking and giving in to paralyzing fear, the best thing you can do is to look at the situation as a new opportunity. Like another chance to be happy. Every day is a gift given to you by life itself. Every day is a new beginning, a chance and an opportunity to live a happier life. However, in the hustle and bustle of daily worries, we forget about the value of life itself and that the completion of one familiar stage is the beginning of another, often better than the previous one.

Standing on the threshold between the past stage and the frightening uncertainty of the future, how to behave? How to take control of the situation? A few tips below.

Every day we make hundreds of small decisions based on habits and comfort. We wear the same things, we eat the same food, we see the same people. Replay the “plot” consciously! Talk to someone who you usually just nod your head in greeting. Go to the left side, instead of the usual right. Take a walk instead of driving. Choose a new dish from the usual restaurant menu. These changes may be very small, but they can set you on a wave of bigger changes.

As adults, we completely forget how to play. Tim Brown, CEO of innovation and engineering firm IDEP, says that “the world’s most significant creative decisions always have a touch of play.” Brown believes that in order to create something new, it is necessary to be able to treat what is happening as a game, without fear of judging other people. Research also notes that the lack of play leads to “cognitive narrowing” … And this is not good. Play makes us more creative, productive and happy.

Being in the lull of our development, we often say “no” to everything new and unusual. And we know perfectly well what follows that “no.” Correctly! Nothing that will change our lives for the better. On the other hand, “yes” forces us to go beyond our comfort zone and this is exactly the place where we need to be in order to continue developing. “Yes” mobilizes us. Say “yes” to new job opportunities, invitations to various events, any chance to learn something new.

It is not necessary to jump out of an airplane with a parachute. But when you take some bold, exciting step, you feel full of life and your endorphins rise. It’s enough just to go a little beyond the established way of life. And if a challenge seems overwhelming, break it down into steps.

Fears, fears become an obstacle to enjoying life and contribute to “getting stuck in place.” Fear of flying on an airplane, fear of public speaking, fear of independent travel. Having overcome fear once, you gain confidence in achieving more global life goals. Remembering the fears we have already overcome and the heights we have reached, we find it easier to find the strength to take on new challenges.

Remind yourself that you are not a “finished product” and that life is a continuous process of becoming. All our life we ​​go along the road of search and coming to ourselves. With every deed we do, with every word we say, we get to know ourselves more and more.

Starting life from scratch is never an easy task. It requires fortitude, courage, love and self-confidence, courage and confidence. Since major changes usually take time, it is absolutely essential to learn to be patient. During this period, it is especially important to treat yourself with love, understanding and compassion.

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