How to accumulate feminine energy?

Feminine energy is the energy of the Moon, represents softness, tenderness, peacefulness, calmness and has a “cooling” effect on what surrounds her. It is very important for a woman to be nourished by lunar energy on a regular basis in order to be able to exert a harmonizing influence on herself and her family at the right time. It’s no secret that a calm, peaceful woman is strong and attractive. Having a powerful source of female energy, capable of “cooling” her emotional state, she can endow the whole family with calmness, peacefulness and happiness. This is her main role.

By adopting “masculine” behavior, competing with men, the lunar energy of a woman dissipates very quickly. Her “vessel” soon overflows with the energy of the Sun. This makes a woman restless, anxious, aggressive, prone to illness.

How to increase female lunar energy?

The ability to talk about everything and nothing. It doesn’t have to be gossip! Long conversations with girlfriends on pleasant, uplifting topics, support and exchange of experience. When a woman compliments, says nice things about another woman (even behind her back), it also boosts her lunar energy.

Any kind of hair care is extremely important for female energy. Be it a beauty salon or a home procedure. Hair is the pride of a woman.

promote revitalization of the mind, while the body receives the necessary light exercise. Dance also develops flexibility and grace.

Trousers and jeans are certainly comfortable, but not quite suitable for feminine energy. The skirt allows you to establish the circulation of energy in the female body. This contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels and helps in the elimination of female diseases. Skirts to the floor are the best for the accumulation of energy of the Earth and concentration in the womb.

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to cook food with love, and before eating, bless it. The blessing of food changes its molecular structure, promoting healing. According to Ayurveda, a woman can and should eat sweets. Desserts and sweets increase lunar energy.

Lunar energy accumulates in a woman when she gives, shares: a problem, duty, food, her opinion, and so on.

Everything that is connected with the process of cooking for others, greatly increases the energy of a woman. It doesn’t matter if she’s feeding a human or a pet. Caring for those who need love and compassion, she receives in return more than she gives.

. Plants are very sensitive to our energy and can act as indicators of its level. Healthy, green and strong plants indicate that you radiate the appropriate energy. Plants love to be spoken to, she feels positive vibrations and words of love.

make female energy strong and resistant to stress. In fact, following a set schedule day in and day out promotes calmness and feminine strength.

Security and safety increase the lunar balance of a woman and “charge” her with patience.

On the contrary, what excites solar energy:

  • Goal setting
  • Rivalry
  • Victory
  • Power
  • Risks
  • Achievements of goals
  • Solving Problems
  • Rush
  • Dominance
  • Confession

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