Winter holidays: 8 ideas how to spend time in nature


1. Own extreme hike

Cold is a test. Stepping out of your comfort zone means making yourself stronger. So no need to be sad at home – pack your backpacks! It’s simple: frost has a beneficial effect on the body. Walking with moderate physical activity turns outdoor recreation into a rewarding activity. 

Open the city map. Determine the itinerary of the hike based on personal preferences. It is advisable to move away from the city streets and go into nature. But not far – there is always a risk of getting lost. Follow the rules of the hike and do not exhaust yourself – a walk over rough terrain should be a pleasure. Or show your imagination and lay your route right along the city streets. Interesting things can be found everywhere! 

: thermos, food supply, map, compass.

: charge of vivacity, excellent mood, pride in oneself and many, many photographs. 

2. Communication with birds 

In winter, the birds have a particularly hard time, so we are taught from childhood to make feeders and fill them with cereals. If you want to spend a winter day with benefit (to help nature), informatively (to get to know the animal world better) and interestingly (communication with animals and watching them is always exciting), then take treats for birds and go outside!

Feed the birds. See how they willingly gather near the feeder and gain strength. To relieve stress and overstrain, it is useful to simply admire nature. 

If there is a reservoir nearby (river, lake), then feed the ducks. They readily respond to grains thrown into the water. 

3. Winter options for summer sports 

Skiing, sledding, hockey (if you’re lucky with the playground) – it’s all, of course, great. And we advise everyone to go through this list. But you can diversify your outdoor activities even more: football on a snow-covered field, tennis right under the windows of the house, volleyball at the school stadium … All these “non-winter” sports have one feature after the snow falls – now it doesn’t hurt to fall! 

Snow and warm clothes soften falls. Now you can show your free flight skills by jumping after the ball or defending the gate from the ball flying into the “nine”. In winter, everything looks a little more fun. 

There are no weather restrictions for the sport – it just performs in a new, yet unfamiliar form. That’s all. 

4. Dog racing 

Dogs can enjoy the snow like children. Many people get them to spend more time outdoors, and obviously they are never boring! Just take your dog with you and run out into the snow. All. After a couple of minutes, you will rush along the virgin snow after your pet, and then he will follow you. A storm of emotions and fun is guaranteed! 

Bottom line: both you and your pet are wet, tired, but happy, basking at home (hangling tongues to the side). 

5. Winter fun for kids

Young parents know this firsthand. Got bored at home? Take the baby and go outside! No weather can hold back the desire for fun in young children! And this is worth learning. 

Turn into children and then winter will only be a joy to you. Snow? They quickly grabbed hats, mittens, sleds and up the hill! Cold? A couple of descents and it will be hot already. Forget about everything – just ride! 

And so 2-3 times a week, before meals, 60 minutes of skiing, snow battles and snowflakes caught by the mouth. Health and excellent tone are guaranteed! The best psychological release you can think of. 

Hello wet clothes, pink face and the widest smiles! 

6. Get tough! 

An infinite number of hardening methods lives on the global network – choose to your taste. Three months of the cold season is an excellent period for strengthening the body and getting used to new wellness procedures. 

Spend at least an hour outdoors every day. In any weather, even in rain or blizzard. Dress for the weather, but do not overdo it (overheating is very harmful). The body, inhaling cold air, will gradually get used to low temperatures and become stronger.

– Set a goal. For example, take a dip in an ice hole at Epiphany or do a rubdown with snow twice a week. It stimulates and motivates.

– Take care of yourself. The mistake of beginner walruses is heroism. No need to strive to show how brave and daring you are by diving into a snowdrift on the first day. After wiping / bathing, dry yourself with a dry towel, drink warm tea, warm up. 

7. Picnic in nature? Why not! 

In the summer everyone goes to nature. Mass trips to the river and overnight stays in picturesque forests are the norm, if not a duty. But in winter, the movement freezes, falls into hibernation. Might be worth the risk, right? 

It is worth taking care of a warm tent (they are not so expensive, but they will always protect from wind and snowfall). A blanket and a sleeping bag for insulation will be just in time. And then – everything to your liking. Only in winter, focus on warm foods and dishes. I’m sure if you make hot chocolate on a campfire surrounded by snow-covered trees, you’ll be a fan of winter picnics forever. 

8. Walk under the starry sky 

And finally – a little romance and dreams. The winter sky is clear and bright. Didn’t notice that the stars in frosty weather are especially attractive. Not? Then it’s worth checking out. 

Dress warmly. Take a thermos of tea and chocolate with you. Get out in the late evening or even at night outside and take a walk under the lanterns. Stop in a quiet place and stand for 10 minutes, watching the sky. No need to rush, give yourself time to enjoy the beauty. It sounds too “sweet”, but you still try it. 

when you look at the stars, do not throw your head back too long, otherwise your neck will hurt. 

Each of us can expand this list. Add your points and make this winter really positive! 

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