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Silver carp is a medium-large pelagic fish of the carp family. Originally, the silver carp was native to Asia, and the fish had a name the “Chinese silver carp”.

As a result of natural disasters in China, in which many fish farms were destroyed, the silver carp ended up in the Amur basin, and a few years later, the former USSR actively started breeding this fish – and the European part of Russia, Central Asia, and Ukraine became its new home.

People call it so for its light silvery scales. The external feature of this fish is its large massive head. Its weight can be up to a quarter of the weight of the entire silver carcass. The eyes are located below the mouth, giving the impression of asymmetry, but the repulsive appearance is more than pays off for the beneficial qualities of the this fish.

There are three varieties of this fish – white (belan), variegated (speckled), and hybrid. They differ from each other in some external and biological signs. The silver carp is colored darker, mature somewhat faster than the white congener, and eats more diverse food – not only phytoplankton but also zooplankton is present in its diet.

The hybrid of these species took on the light color of the silver carp and the rapid growth of the speckled. In addition, it is less susceptible to low temperatures.


In China, this fish has a name the “water goat” for its way of feeding – like a herd of goats, a flock of silver carp “grazes” all day in shallow water, eating phytoplankton on “underwater meadows.” Silver carps are very popular among artificial reservoir owners for their natural feature – this unique fish filters green, blooming, and muddy water, making the it an excellent ameliorator of reservoirs. For this, people also call this fish the fishing industry engine – their presence in the fish industry doubles the efficiency of activities.

Silver carp is a freshwater fish, which makes its meat indispensable for the daily diet. Scientists have proved that the fish characteristic of this region has the best digestibility and value. This is due to the work of human adaptive mechanisms; our digestive system absorbs nutrients much easier from foods that have historically been in the diet of our country’s inhabitants.

Silver carp

This gives freshwater fish an advantage over marine fish. Although freshwater fish usually accumulate fat, which cannot be called identical in terms of the beneficial components of fat of the sea inhabitants, which can lower blood cholesterol levels – silver carp is the only exception to this rule.

Silver carp composition

The silver carp contains most of the beneficial elements and vitamins that are found in river fish species. For example, vitamin A, B, PP, E, and such useful minerals as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and sulfur. The chemical composition of this fish is rich in natural amino acids. Fish meat is considered an excellent natural protein source, perfectly saturating our body and is easily absorbs.

However, the calorie content of silver carp is at a fairly low level, like other low-fat fish species. There are only 86 Kcal per 100 grams of fish. This calorie level of silver carp allows fish to be ranked as a dietary food. Considering the vitamin and mineral composition, we can conclude about the exceptional benefits of this fish for the human body.

Silver carp

Calorie content of silver carp fish 86 kcal

Energy value of the fish

Proteins: 19.5 g (~ 78 kcal)
Fat: 0.9 g (~ 8 kcal)
Carbohydrates: 0.2 g (~ 1 kcal)

Useful properties of silver carp

It makes sense to talk about the beneficial properties of silver carp in more detail. When eating it:

  • The likelihood of the appearance of malignant neoplasms reduces.
  • Human irritability is minimized due to the beneficial effect on the activity of the central nervous system. Besides, dead cells are restored.
  • Blood vessels are strengthened, which reduces the risk of strokes.
  • The pressure is normalized. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for use by people with high blood pressure.
  • The level of cholesterol in the blood is lowered, which reduces the likelihood of blood clots.
  • The amount of sugar in the blood decreases, so it is recommended for people with diabetes to eat.
  • The quality of nails and hair is improved, and teeth are strengthened.
  • Immunity rises, which creates conditions for confronting various colds.
  • The general well-being of a person improves.
  • Sleep is normalized: you can forget about sleepless nights.
  • Doctors recommend silver carp for food, and here’s why:
Silver carp

The protein is completely absorbed within 2 hours.
There are few calories in silver carp meat, so gaining excess weight is unrealistic.
The presence of fish fat.
Apparently, the benefits of this fish are obvious. Therefore, it is possible to eat it daily. It is an excellent food that provides a unique preventive effect.

Useful properties of silver carp caviar

Silver carp caviar is quite transparent in appearance and contains both vitamins and minerals and many other useful elements. The energy value of the product is 138 kcal per 100 g. Simultaneously, caviar contains proteins – 8.9 g, fats – 7.2 g, carbohydrates – 13.1 g. Besides, caviar contains zinc, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, and poly saturated fats Omega-3.

The only contraindication to its use is the possibility of allergic reactions; in other cases, caviar has no contraindications. It is best to use it even for cancer patients, which helps to normalize the nervous system’s activity and leads to a decrease in shortness of breath, etc.



Silver carp

Silver carp is absolutely harmless to any category of people, like children, adults, or older adults. Moreover, this fish can is ok in any quantity – it does not have a daily intake. The only caveat is smoked fish, which, in excessive doses, can harm human health.


As mentioned above, there are practically no contraindications. But the main obstacle to its use can be personal intolerance to seafood and, in particular, to silver carp. You should always take into account and known to not put your body on the brink of danger.

Silver carp in cooking

It is good mainly when it weighs more than 2 kg. At this weight, it has few bones and is pleasant to eat and pleasant to cook. It has a large head that is suitable for making rich fish soup. The broth is fatty and transparent. Silver carp is best to eat either boiled or baked, as in this case, it does not lose its beneficial properties.


Silver carp is good to smoke, but it is quite popular in this form. In this form it is of little use, regardless of the method of smoking: either hot or cold.

Despite this, this fish is very useful because it replenishes the human body with useful substances, strengthening the immune system.

Fried silver carp

Silver carp

Silver carp meat is very juicy and tender, contains valuable fats and is just perfect for frying. Try this simple and delicious recipe – fried silver carp with lemon.


  • (4-6 servings)
  • 1 kg. silver carp fish
  • 30 g refined sunflower oil
  • half lemon
  • 1 tsp spices for fish
  • 1 tablespoon salt


As usual, cooking any fish begins with cleaning it. Fortunately, now it is unnecessary to clean the fish yourself. They will do it for you in the store or at the bazaar. But if you do not trust anyone and prefer to clean the fish yourself, then here you can see how to gut the fish so as not to crush the gallbladder.

  1. Rinse the peeled silver carp thoroughly in cold water.
  2. We cut the fish into portions, salt, sprinkle with spices, and leave to soak in spices for 1 hour.
  3. For frying silver carp, it is best to use a non-stick skillet.
    Pour some oil and put on pretty high heat. When the pan is warmed up properly, and the oil begins to evaporate – put the silver carp.
    Cover and reduce heat.
    Fry the fish, covered over medium heat, until a pink crust forms. Estimated time 4-5 minutes.
    We turn the fish over to another barrel. On each slice of silver carp, put a slice of lemon, close the lid and fry the fish until tender. This will take no more than 5 minutes.
    Put tasty and fragrant pieces of fried silver carp on a dish, decorate with herbs and serve.

P.S. If you prefer fried silver carp with a crispy crust, then you should fry the fish without a lid, after dipping the pieces of fish in flour.

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