Ramson recipe with butter (national dish of the peoples of the North). Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.

Ingredients Ramson with butter (national dish of the peoples of the North)

leek 200.0 (gram)
sunflower oil 15.0 (gram)
Method of preparation

Prepared wild garlic is boiled for 5 minutes, thrown back and cut into pieces 2-3 cm long, seasoned with vegetable oil and salt, served as an independent dish, and also as a side dish for fish and meat dishes.

You can create your own recipe taking into account the loss of vitamins and minerals using the recipe calculator in the application.

Nutritional value and chemical composition.

The table shows the content of nutrients (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 grams edible part.
NutrientQuantityNorm**% of the norm in 100 g% of the norm in 100 kcal100% normal
Calorie value124.3 kCal1684 kCal7.4%6%1355 g
Proteins3.4 g76 g4.5%3.6%2235 g
Fats8.7 g56 g15.5%12.5%644 g
Carbohydrates8.6 g219 g3.9%3.1%2547 g
organic acids0.1 g~
Alimentary fiber1.4 g20 g7%5.6%1429 g
Water127.3 g2273 g5.6%4.5%1786 g
Ash1.6 g~
Vitamin A, RE5400 μg900 μg600%482.7%17 g
Retinol5.4 mg~
Vitamin B1, thiamine0.04 mg1.5 mg2.7%2.2%3750 g
Vitamin B2, riboflavin0.2 mg1.8 mg11.1%8.9%900 g
Vitamin B6, pyridoxine0.3 mg2 mg15%12.1%667 g
Vitamin B9, folate49.8 μg400 μg12.5%10.1%803 g
Vitamin C, ascorbic57.2 mg90 mg63.6%51.2%157 g
Vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, TE3.6 mg15 mg24%19.3%417 g
Vitamin PP, NE1.1644 mg20 mg5.8%4.7%1718 g
niacin0.6 mg~
Digestible carbohydrates
Mono- and disaccharides (sugars)8.1 gmax 100 г

The energy value is 124,3 kcal.

Ramson with butter (national dish of the peoples of the North) rich in vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin A – 600%, vitamin B2 – 11,1%, vitamin B6 – 15%, vitamin B9 – 12,5%, vitamin C – 63,6%, vitamin E – 24%
  • Vitamin A is responsible for normal development, reproductive function, skin and eye health, and maintaining immunity.
  • Vitamin B2 participates in redox reactions, enhances the color sensitivity of the visual analyzer and dark adaptation. Insufficient intake of vitamin B2 is accompanied by a violation of the condition of the skin, mucous membranes, impaired light and twilight vision.
  • Vitamin B6 participates in the maintenance of the immune response, inhibition and excitation processes in the central nervous system, in the conversion of amino acids, in the metabolism of tryptophan, lipids and nucleic acids, contributes to the normal formation of erythrocytes, maintenance of the normal level of homocysteine ​​in the blood. Insufficient intake of vitamin B6 is accompanied by a decrease in appetite, a violation of the condition of the skin, the development of homocysteinemia, anemia.
  • Vitamin B6 as a coenzyme, they participate in the metabolism of nucleic acids and amino acids. Folate deficiency leads to impaired synthesis of nucleic acids and protein, which results in inhibition of cell growth and division, especially in rapidly proliferating tissues: bone marrow, intestinal epithelium, etc. Insufficient consumption of folate during pregnancy is one of the causes of prematurity, malnutrition, congenital malformations and developmental disorders of the child. A strong association has been shown between folate and homocysteine ​​levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Vitamin C participates in redox reactions, the functioning of the immune system, promotes the absorption of iron. Deficiency leads to loose and bleeding gums, nosebleeds due to increased permeability and fragility of the blood capillaries.
  • Vitamin E possesses antioxidant properties, is necessary for the functioning of the gonads, heart muscle, is a universal stabilizer of cell membranes. With a deficiency of vitamin E, hemolysis of erythrocytes and neurological disorders are observed.
Calorie content AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF INGREDIENTS OF THE RECIPE Ramson with butter (national dish of the peoples of the North) PER 100 g
  • 34 kCal
  • 899 kCal
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