Vegetarianism for fighters is unacceptable?

Vegetarianism for fighters is unacceptable

While scientists, adjusting their glasses, say to each other: “No, let me!”, thoughtfully pulling their academic beards, I will tell you what meat means to a fighter. I have never been a fan of meat-eating, but until the age of 15, I confess, I often used it. Well, in my teenage years, I was able to vent my energy either through dating girls or through sports. The second was more to my liking, so I started to engage in hand-to-hand combat, then contact karate.

Now I can say for sure that all my main achievements in sports began during the period of first partial, and then complete abstinence from meat. As you understand, at 15 the body develops, height, body weight, internal organs – everything undergoes changes. By removing slaughter from the diet, I lost some weight around the waist. Later I learned that extra pounds at the waist are a sign of obesity of the internal organs. This, you know, is not at all what a fighter needs.

What changed when I became a vegetarian? Here is something that has not changed drastically, except for the fact that:

1. I began to understand the world around me better. When you overcome destructive egoism, you understand that nature can give us much more without killing animals.

2. I began to move faster, generally became easy to climb. Even when the usual number of hours is not enough for sleep, there is still cheerfulness.

3. The strength of my blows has increased due to speed. When I found out that not a piece of fat, but magnesium, vitamins, is responsible for the speed of muscle contractions, I made up my sports menu.

4. I won the championship of the city and region.

In the team we had another athlete who showed great promise. It turned out that he was not a vegan, but he practically did not eat meat, since in the village his parents taught him to eat vegetables, fruits, and cereals. It would be interesting to see what heights he would have reached, but … He met a meat-eater girl.

In the first “bride”, the future mother-in-law fed him rich borscht with meat. He did not want to refuse, and ate a whole plate of this borscht. Despite the fact that out of habit he vomited all night later, he gradually became a meat-eater, swollen with fat, went into bandits, and then it was not clear where he had gone. I understood: maybe corpse-eating is not a fact that a person will “roll down”, but if you don’t eat meat, then only with the idea, with the development of ethical qualities, spirituality. Otherwise, all this, although commendable, is somehow weak.

About body weight. On TV they show simply dried yogis who twist their bones into unimaginable knots. Yes, vegetarianism does not contribute to overweight disease, but what you need – you can build up. I know for myself: a sinewy body is much better than jocks fed on steroids. For a fighter, normally working muscles are a component of victory and success. You just need to perform strength exercises in motion. It’s not stupid to pull iron, but to perform more dynamic exercises, even swimming will do. And the “breathing” will be in order, and the body will be obedient.

Now, when people ask me if a vegetarian fighter can achieve anything, I offer two options: the first is to take my word that he can do a lot, and the second is to go to the mat with me and spar in full contact. Weight, height in our business does not matter when there is technique, a strong spirit and a healthy body! In general, guys, forget to poison yourself with “like meat”, a real fighter lives normally even without killing animals. A real fighter, even if such a fat martial art as sumo, can win, being a specific vegan. And such examples – shaft! I will not give links – look, learn, draw the right conclusions!



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