Perch with cream sauce
Recipe ingredients “Perch with cream sauce»:
  • Sea bass 660gr.
  • flour 25g.
  • vegetable oil 10 gr.
  • cream 20% 400g.
  • processed cheese 100g.

Nutritional value of the dish “Perch with cream sauce” (per 100 grams):

Calories: 148.4 kcal.

Squirrels: 11 gr.

Fats: 9.3 gr.

Carbohydrates: 4.8 gr.

Number of servings: 1Ingredients and calories of the recipe ” Perch with cream sauce»

ProductMeasureWeight, grWhite, grFat, gAngle, grCal, kcal
fresh sea bass660 gr660100.989.90521.4
wheat flour25 g252.30.318.7385.5
sunflower oil10 gr1009.99090
cream 20% (medium fat content)400 g40011.28014.8820
processed cheese100 g10016.811.223.8257
Total 1195131.3111.457.31773.9
1 serving 1195131.3111.457.31773.9
100 grams 100119.34.8148.4

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