Rice soup with chicken and pork
Recipe ingredients “Rice soup with chicken and pork»:

Nutritional value of the dish “Rice soup with chicken and pork” (per 100 grams):


Calories: 35.6 kcal.

Squirrels: 1.3 gr.


Fats: 1.4 gr.

Carbohydrates: 4.5 gr.

Number of servings: 1Ingredients and calories of the recipe ” Rice soup with chicken and pork»

ProductMeasureWeight, grWhite, grFat, gAngle, grCal, kcal
water3600 ml36000000
pork65 gr6510.414.040168.35
chicken legs175 gr17529.417.850276.5
potato820 gr82016.43.28132.02623.2
sunflower oil32 gr32031.970288
onion90 g901.2609.3642.3
carrot90 g901.170.096.2128.8
polished rice105 gr1057.351.0574.97346.5
salt20 gr200000
seasoning pepper mixture2 gr20.220.060.775.1
Total 499966.268.3223.31778.8
1 serving 499966.268.3223.31778.8
100 grams 1001.31.44.535.6

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