Nutrition for the appendix

Medical discussions about the benefits and uselessness of the appendix have been going on for decades. Official medicine is still in search of the correct answer to this question.

Some scientists believe that this is an absolutely useless application of the intestines, others suggest that the appendix is ​​responsible for the body’s immune system, releasing necessary substances into the blood.

But the fact remains – we have this organ, and we must take care of it, using proper nutrition and some recommendations!


Healthy foods for the appendix

  • Bran. Tones up work. They are a good prevention of congestion.
  • Beans. Thanks to its cleansing effects, it is very useful for the appendix and the entire intestine.
  • Figs, plums, apricots. They have vitamins important for this organ. Due to their laxative properties, they cleanse the intestines well.
  • Kefir, yogurt. They contain beneficial microorganisms that are necessary for the microflora of the entire intestine.
  • Carrot. Destroys pathogens. Tones up the intestines. Due to the presence of carotene, it is useful for the mucous membrane of the appendix.
  • Garlic. Contains phytoncides that successfully deal with many types of harmful microorganisms. Useful in small amounts.
  • Cabbage and beets. Improves blood circulation in the appendix. They have cleansing properties. Scars dissolve and protect against neoplasms.
  • Honey. Contains a large amount of minerals and trace elements. Stimulates the secretory function of the entire intestine.
  • Jerusalem artichoke. Used for dysbiosis. Stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria.

General recommendations

In order for the appendix to remain healthy and never be reminded of its presence, the following must be considered:

  • So that chronic and acute foci of inflammation in the body do not lead to inflammation of the appendix, it is worth immediately treating them.
  • Grapes and some other berries, eaten together with seeds, as well as seeds with skin, can lead to clogging of this organ.
  • Unwashed vegetables and fruits can not only lead to digestive upset, but also cause appendicitis.
  • Regular cleansing of the body, especially the intestines, will help the appendix stay healthy.

Traditional methods of cleansing and preventing inflammation

Strong immunity is an excellent defense against inflammation of the appendix. To do this, you can use some herbal tinctures. Herbal infusions of Safflower Leuzea, Eleutherococcus, Echinacea, and Schisandra chinensis, with regular use for 10-14 days, will significantly increase the body’s resistance to various infections.

Juice therapy can be used to cleanse the intestines, and therefore the appendix. The juice of beets, cucumbers and carrots in a ratio of 1: 1: 2 has a cleansing effect. Drink at least one glass of the mixture a day, preferably on an empty stomach. Cleansing course – 10 days.

Fruit or vegetable fasting days, which are held once a week, have a powerful cleansing effect on the entire body. Some people practice fasting for 1 hours.

Harmful foods for the appendix

  • Fried Seeds… They have a high level of toxicity, due to the absorption of a huge amount of harmful substances by sunflower.
  • Poorly peeled seeds… Peeled sunflower and pumpkin seeds pose a serious threat to the health of the appendix. Particles of the peel, falling into the appendix, can cause inflammation.
  • Meat… Eaten regularly and in large quantities, meat causes rotting processes in the intestines, which can negatively affect the health of the appendix.

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