Life according to the laws of nature. Detox Program and ways of natural recovery. Part 1. Water


Friends, everyone has heard the propaganda slogan from TV screens and pages of magazines: down with old traditions, live for yourself, live like it’s the last time. Over the past 50 years, human activity has caused irreparable damage to our planet: reckless use of fresh water, massive deforestation, too intensive use of agricultural land, energy resources. At no time, except in the last 100 years associated with the invention of the refrigerator, has man been provided with such an assortment of animal foods. The beginning of mass meat-eating and the increase in the number of medical diagnoses turned out to be in direct proportion.

It’s time to get rid of the destructive, anthropometric thinking that certain representatives of society are trying to instill in us. If we want a happy life, harmonious development, we need to change our worldview, include biospheric thinking, in which the biosphere is presented as an integral structure, and man is only a link in this structure, but by no means the center of the Universe!

A person should live a happy life, and health plays a key role here. It’s no secret that you can get sick very easily, but you need to restore health not only on the physical level, but also on the mental one. Return to childhood and erase all the problems that we carry like a load on our shoulders throughout our lives: fears, dissatisfaction, aggression, anger and resentment.

It is important to understand that you need to “remove the crutches” very slowly and carefully.

What is the point of constantly repairing the most complex parts of your Ferrari, continuing to fill the car with something that is far from gasoline? I propose to deal with the quality of “human fuel” before proceeding with the overhaul.

Our health is based on five elements: air, sun, water, movement and nutrition.

Lifestyle changes should not be temporary, but for the rest of your life. Health must be won with sweat and blood. It won’t be easy, but if you want to learn how to drive, learning the rules of the road is essential, especially if you’re taking your kids!

And the most interesting thing is that the cells of the body completely change within two years – you become a new person, with a new body and thoughts.

How to change your diet smoothly and without harm?

Any person in any age group should exclude synthetic products and food chemicals (legal drugs – alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, sugar, carbonated drinks containing caffeine, products with preservatives, dyes, etc.). At the same time, include in the diet a large amount of fresh raw vegetables (80%) and fruits (20%). Over time, they can replace one meal of traditional cooked food.

You can start the body’s DETOX PROGRAM even by slightly adjusting your diet, namely, by using the right water for drinking! 

It is important to instill a culture of drinking water, since the body of almost every modern person is in a dehydrated, dehydrated state.

Water as a solvent is needed for metabolism – without it, the kidneys do not work, they do not filter the blood. Therefore, they do not remove slags and toxins from it. Over time, other organs of elimination, or excretion, are connected (liver, skin, lungs, etc.), and a person becomes ill … Brochitis, dermatitis … 

When, how often and how much water should you drink?

True: when switching to proper nutrition, until the body removes all the “garbage” accumulated over decades, you will need to drink regularly and evenly, every 5-10 minutes a sip of water during the day. Because the amount of those toxins that the body removes, does not depend on the amount of water drunk. And a large volume of water only loads the body. Of course, in modern conditions this will be problematic, but from personal experience I will say that it is quite possible, and after purification, the body will receive all the water it needs from fruits and vegetables, and you will need to drink a little separately.

Let’s draw a parallel with the clock. The clock hands move rhythmically and constantly along the dial. They can’t swim for a couple of hours ahead and stand. To work properly, the arrows must tick every second. So are we – after all, metabolism occurs every second, and the body always has something to remove, since even with ideal nutrition we breathe poisoned city air.

True: water drunk with meals does not in any way affect the consistency of gastric juice (I was convinced of this by a very interesting person, naturopathic doctor Mikhail Sovetov. His idea seemed very logical to me, despite the established opposite opinion).

From his lectures: water will be absorbed into the walls of the stomach and enter the blood in the same way as if you drank it separately from food … Maybe a little slower. It makes no sense to drink water with vegetables and fruits, since they already consist of a large amount of water. Which cannot be said in the case of cooked, therefore dehydrated food. Here, drinking water is simply necessary so that the body does not waste its priceless water on its digestion. But there is one exception – soups. Which are considered very useful, and, by the way, the same water, only with potatoes and meat – or, in a vegetarian version, without it.

What water should you drink?

Truth: Famous naturopaths like Norman Walker, Paul Bragg, Allen Denis advocated distilled water.

I will quote the opinion of my teacher, professor of naturopathy, psychotherapist, doctor of nutritional psychology, specialist in non-drug treatment, lecturer and member of the American Health Federation, scientific researcher and consultant of various clinics in the USA and Mexico, Boris Rafailovich Uvaydov:

“In nature, we drink melted water. When the snow melts, streams form and flow into rivers. And when this water comes from above, it collects an enormous amount of solar energy, and this is practically distilled water. Also rain water. It dissolves, moisturizes, cleanses and removes pathological plaques. For 20 years I have been drinking only her. Only she can dissolve mucus, raids, clean the blood vessels and excrete them through the kidneys! 

Did you know that distilled water is also used in medicine? Doctors say that “devoid of any impurities (beneficial and harmful), it is an excellent solvent and the basis for the creation of various medical and cosmetic preparations.” This begs the following: so why can’t you drink it? Is it really impossible for a person to get all the necessary trace elements from food?

3 ways to get distilled water:

1. 5 stage reverse osmosis filter, with membrane and replaceable cartridges

2. With a special device-distiller

3. .

To finally dispel your doubts about the dangers of distilled water, here is some data: in 2012, 9,7 billion gallons of bottled water were produced in America, which brought 11,8 billion dollars in gross income to the country. And that’s actually 300 times more expensive than a gallon of regular tap water that can be run through a distiller.

Big money always means big arguments.

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