New Year’s Gifts: Editor’s Choice Vegetarian

This card has already become a constant companion for many. It gives a discount to partner companies whose activities do not contradict the principles of vegetarians. The card provides an opportunity to use various “green” services and services on more favorable terms. We think this is a great gift!

drinking water bottle

We all know that a person needs to drink plenty of water. But constantly buying bottled water is costly and not environmentally friendly. A great gift – a reusable bottle for drinking water! Flaska’s bottles are made from glass that has been programmed to change the structure of water. There are a lot of really cool designs, cases and also three sizes of containers: 0,3L, 0,5L and 0,75L!

Fly yoga studio membership

Yoga helps people to accept and improve themselves, so helping a person decide to go into practice is the best gift. I-Yoga Studio features practices such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga for Women, Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Therapy in Hammocks and many more! And if your loved one is already practicing, give him a subscription to fly yoga classes!

Subscription for yoga

Ravi is the founder and teacher of the Bajarang Yoga Center. In addition, he is also an orthopedic traumatologist, so it is simply impossible to get injured in his classes. He will help, show and be sure to give advice regarding health. Therefore, sending him to yoga is not only not scary, but also very, very necessary!

Dinner at a vegan restaurant

If you are looking for a gift for your significant other, then why not take her to a good restaurant with healthy food? It’s good that there are a lot of such establishments now! , , “and many, many other atmospheric places – choose any and go get new impressions of delicious food!


To receive as a gift stylish and comfortable shoes made without waste and animal products is the dream of every vegan. If you suddenly do not know the size of the feet of the person to whom you are going to give this gift, Native also has ethical clothing and accessories!

Eco-friendly cosmetics

A great gift for a friend, mom, grandmother, sister and in general any woman! In you can find certified according to European standards and eco-friendly cosmetics brands, and many others! The choice is really great: toothpastes, shampoos, balms, shower gels, creams, lotions, masks, decorative cosmetics… In general, women will be delighted!

100% organic cosmetics and perfumes

Biozka cosmetics and perfumery will please not only women, but also men. All presented products are also certified according to European standards, which will make a vegan incredibly happy. Only a problem may arise: not only will your eyes run wide from the variety of the most diverse cosmetics, you will also want to keep it for yourself!

Food basket

The most win-win option is to present a whole set of his favorite products to a vegan or vegetarian. Volko Molko comes to the rescue, a company that makes vegan and lean products like cheeses, milk, desserts (and they even have soy condensed milk!) and snacks. Just pick up different products, put them in a basket, tie a bow and voila! Vegan is full and happy!

A set of useful products from

If you want to diversify a tasty and healthy gift, feel free to order products in a healthy supermarket There is absolutely everything here: vegetarian sausages, cereals, legumes, snacks, chips, dietary supplements, Ayurvedic preparations, water activators and even pet food! Any vegetarian will appreciate such a gift!

Massage and Spa in

In addition to massage and spa, the center also provides services such as consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor, trichologist, Oriental specialist, various Ayurvedic, European and beauty treatments, and much more. Give health and pleasure!

Ticket to the interactive exhibition

On December 23, an exhibition of American artist Android Jones opened at the Artplay Design Center. “Samskara” is his sensational work in the format of total immersion. Video installations, digital canvases, dynamic sculptures, full-dome films – all this cannot be described in words, it is worth seeing with your own eyes! Therefore, a ticket to such a large-scale exhibition is a worthy and very good gift.

Apartment in

We do not exclude the possibility that someone wants to make a really large-scale gift to their beloved conscious person. If there is such an opportunity, why not donate an apartment in the first residential complex for vegetarians in Russia, Veda Village?

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