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This summer season, MH GREENLINE invites customers to turn their attention to a unique line of cold-pressed raw oils. Thanks to modern production technologies, all oils of the MH GREENLINE brand retain their biological properties and are a source of the most important acids for all structures of the human body – Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, as well as a complete complex of vitamins and minerals. To achieve the greatest benefit, the manufacturer recommends eating all products of the line, focusing on the daily intake of 1 tablespoon per day, after which you should refrain from eating for an hour:

● MH GREENLINE amaranth oil

Amaranth seeds are a well-known product in nutrition, which has been used since ancient times in the treatment and prevention of a whole range of ailments. Cold pressing in barrel presses, by which amaranth oil for MH GREENLINE is produced, allows preserving the most valuable composition of microelements – squalene and phytosterol. Enriched with vitamin E, the product of the line allows you to cope with hormonal disruptions of various nature, helps to quickly remove toxins from the body, restore a healthy metabolism and strengthen the immune system.


Hemp seed is a real find for athletes and people who face heavy physical exertion every day. MH GREENLINE oil contains full composition of fatty and amino acids preserved due to cold pressing, vitamins of group B, which are so necessary for everyone who adheres to a plant-based diet, as well as vitamins A, E, K and O. The complex of these substances restores muscle tissue, therefore helps with both sports loads and injuries. Hemp seed oil is an excellent immunomodulator, so it makes sense to take it as a prevention of colds and viral diseases.

● Chia seed oil MH GREENLINE

Chia oil is still quite difficult to find on the Russian market of organic products, although it certainly has a valuable vitamin and amino acid composition. The unique product from MH GREENLINE is also made by cold pressing the seeds, leaving the entire biological composition unchanged. This aromatic oil with the most delicate nutty flavor will complement any diet, while saturating the body with vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, iron and zinc. No wonder chia is considered one of the superfoods – in any form, these small seeds bring irreplaceable benefits to the human body!

● MH GREENLINE grape seed oil

This is one of the most “feminine” products in the MH GREENLINE line, as it allows you to preserve youthfulness and beauty of the skin, accelerates metabolism, maintaining normal body weight and beautiful appearance. However, the use of grape seed oil is also vital for men: due to the rich composition of vitamins (including rare B17), it promotes the healing of wounds and microcracks, increases the body’s endurance, strengthens the immune system and protects against the harmful effects of external factors.

● Milk thistle oil MH GREENLINE

Milk thistle has been used since ancient times as a remedy for digestive and liver problems. Squeeze from this plant reduces discomfort in the digestive tract, slows down the aging process of the body, restores the stable functioning of the liver, pancreas, reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and strengthens the vascular walls. And since the condition of the skin depends on all these factors, milk thistle oil allows you to maintain its density, firmness and freshness. The combination of this product with others from the MH GREENLINE line is the best solution for healing the whole body!

● Sea buckthorn oil MH GREENLINE

Sea buckthorn is a natural immunomodulator, the berries of this plant quickly cope with the first signs of a cold and many other diseases, support the protective functions of the human body. Just a couple of tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil MH GREENLINE per day, and you will get rid of the need for seasonal use of multivitamin complexes! Such a pomace can even remove carcinogens from the body, preventing the formation and development of tumors, having an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

– All raw-pressed oils in the new line are produced in Russia – this is an important fact, because in our country there are many unique and useful plants for the human body, real superfoods. They are supplied in a package protected from sunlight, so they do not change their properties during transportation and sale. The role of our own production is also important, because we have the opportunity to create oils as the market needs, without completing large stocks, so that customers can eat only fresh pomace. And since all products are produced under my name, I am personally responsible for the highest quality of MH GREENLINE products!

It is extremely important to use oils in a monoformat, SEPARATE from the main food, saturating the body with microportions of essential nutrients. I can’t help but note that, in fact, oil is a concentrated substance (seed juice), and sometimes it takes 5-10 times more raw materials by weight to produce a tablespoon of pomace. Therefore, be careful – try to maintain a balance in everything!

I independently select professionals who are able to work on modern equipment with the latest technologies, thanks to which the original biological composition of the product does not change. And I guarantee 100% naturalness of everything that is produced under the MH GREENLINE brand. That is why everyone who is aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle, adherents of vegetarianism, veganism, raw food diet can find what they need in our online market and in local networks of healthy nutrition stores under our brand!

Among the new products presented by MH GREENLINE is also a unique germinator MH SPROUTER.

It is made of clay, therefore it retains the level of moisture necessary for seedlings for a long time, protects their vitamin and nutritional composition from the negative impact. MH SPROUTER has three levels, so you can get a large amount of product at a time, which will last for a long time for the whole family. The MH SPROUTER is available in three sizes – 14 cm, 17,5 cm and 21 cm – and 10 colours. The model was created by a Russian master from environmentally friendly raw materials.

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