Making makeup at home!

In the modern world, the concept of naturalness is greatly distorted, since cosmetics manufacturers under the concept of “naturalness” often display only the absence of dyes, while other chemical compounds remain unchanged and have a detrimental effect on the body. That is why, when talking about vitamins, we rarely mean getting them from cosmetics. Let’s break the stereotypes!

We have collected for you a whole arsenal of cosmetics, the ingredients for which you can easily find in your kitchen or in the nearest store, and the effect of such cosmetics will many times surpass any expensive drug.

Nourishing lotion

Most of all, our facial skin is affected, which absorbs all the city dust on the physical plane and negativity on the subtle plane. In addition, by occupation, people are tense, which responds with the appearance of facial wrinkles. This is due to the lack of moisture in the body. Replenishing all this is very simple! Digging through folk recipes, we found a lotion made from aloe, grapes and green tea.

You need to cut 1 medium aloe leaf into slices, place them in a blender and grind until juice is formed. Then strain the aloe juice. 3-4 pitted grapes, put the berries in a blender, chop until gruel. Next, mix aloe juice, grape pulp and 1 tbsp. green tea. Wash your face with this mixture morning and evening!        


delicious scrub

The following recipe is suitable for deep cleansing. Again, no parabens or acids. Only coffee with honey and milk! You will need nut milk (you can make it yourself or buy it at any eco-shop) or coconut water, coffee grounds (the one that remains after drinking coffee and on which it is customary to guess) and honey. In this recipe, there are no restrictions on the volume and ratio of products. Mix the ingredients by eye so that a fairly thick mixture is obtained. It should be applied to the face in the evening, rub it with massage movements, and then rinse with cool water.

Decorative cosmetics

And now the most interesting – decorative cosmetics. It’s clear that homemade lotions and creams are healthy and natural, but it’s unusual for most girls to gracefully clap unpainted eyelashes. Many are not ready to give up decorative cosmetics, so you need to look for ways to protect yourself from chemicals as much as possible.

1. Homemade mascara

Long thick eyelashes are a decoration of a girl. For cooking, you will need two activated charcoal tablets and a couple of drops of aloe juice (if you don’t have such a plant at home, you can buy aloe juice at a pharmacy, it will contain up to 98% of the natural component). The recipe is extremely simple. You need to grind activated charcoal in a mortar or other container. Then add aloe juice and mix again. Mascara is ready! After applying to the eyelashes, you need to give the mascara a couple of seconds to dry, and then the effect will be exactly like from a store-bought mascara. For a thicker consistency, you can add a little coconut oil to the mixture. Then the mascara will turn out not only decorative, but also truly medicinal!

2. Bright lipstick

The emphasis on the lips is a trend that has long lingered in fashion. The recipe for homemade lipstick is somewhat more complicated, but beauty, as you know, requires sacrifice. And in our case, it takes time and well-chosen ingredients. 

First you need to grate one tablespoon of beeswax on a fine grater, and then melt it all in a water bath. To make things easier, use a microwave oven (if you have one). Beeswax can often be found at harvest fairs or bee products store. In a separate bowl, heat 100 ml of olive oil and mix it with 1 tbsp. jojoba oils. Add 1 tbsp to the resulting mixture. alkane root powder. It is this ingredient that is responsible for the color of the future lipstick. So you can choose the saturation of the hue yourself! A mixture of oils and alkane root powder is filtered through gauze folded in several layers. Melted wax is added, and the whole mixture is thoroughly heated in a water bath. Then, 10 drops of essential rose oil are added to the mixture removed from the fire and slightly cooled, which will not only give a pleasant aroma to the lipstick, but also make it nourishing and moisturizing. 

This is where the preparation ends, you can fill special cases or forms with finished lipstick. 

3. Gentle blush

In Rus’, frost or the sun blushed cheeks. In the conditions of a metropolis, where the sun’s rays are blocked by skyscrapers, girls are especially in dire need of a fresh ruddy look. Let’s make our own blush!

To do this, you only need rice, which needs to be ground to a state of flour, and freshly squeezed beetroot juice, add it in a small amount to rice powder. It is best to prepare blush on baking paper. Leave the resulting mixture to dry completely, and then pour it into a glass jar. Following this recipe, you will get a cool tone blush. If your skin type is more suitable for a warm shade, you need to add a little carrot or cinnamon to the beetroot juice.

4. Natural perfume  

Is it necessary to talk about the manufacture of perfume, which is based on natural essential oils? By mixing them to your taste, you will get an excellent scent and avoid the negative effects of chemically created store-bought perfumes.

It turns out that you can be beautiful without fear for your own health and without spending half the budget on cosmetics. There are tons of recipes for making cosmetics from delicious and healthy ingredients that you have in your kitchen!



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