New Year’s book review: what to read to make all wishes come true



Each of us has his own cherished desires – and each will achieve them in his own way. On this most interesting path, one cannot do without helpers. Tell your friends and family about your endeavors, take on board everyone who has similar goals – more fun together! Brainstorm how to bring your plan to life and, of course, visit the wise and silent mentors – the books that live in your bookcase. 

We have compiled a list of the very best books that will help you in your endeavors in 2018. In search of knowledge of interest, you can study 20 books, or you can only one, but more than replacing all the others. These are the books that made it to our selection. 

Now you have all the tools at your fingertips: even if you don’t know where to start, read one book for every desire – and don’t forget to turn theory into practice, otherwise the magic won’t happen. 


Agree, this is a desire that remains a desire from year to year. 

“The Book of the Body” Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark will be a good helper for you on the way to gaining the cherished thin waist and even complexion.

What can be found in the book:

● Tips on proper nutrition: what are fats, proteins, carbohydrates and how to behave with them, what is a healthy diet, how to implement its principles and correctly change the diet, where to get the cherished proteins and vitamins from plant foods, how to get rid of digestive problems .

● Exercise tips: how to love sports and why you need them, how to get to know your body and find out what it wants, the power of fresh air, and how to develop your own sports program.

● Tips for a conscious transition to a healthy lifestyle: why we haven’t done it yet, how to discover the athlete in ourselves, how to find motivation when she is not there.

In this book you will not find:

● short-term dietary advice;

● Programs of drying and swinging;

● Rigid framework and cruel words. 

The book and Cameron herself charge so much that you want to put on a tracksuit as soon as possible and run, run, run … away from the buns 🙂 


The book by Barbara Sher will help us to fulfill this desire. “What to dream about”

The title of the book easily and clearly reveals its essence: “how to understand what you really want, and how to achieve it.”

This book is for the great procrastinators, for all those who are confused, who do not enjoy life and work, and do not know what they want. 

“What to dream about” will help:

● Find and deal with each of the internal congestion;

● Overcome internal resistance and identify its causes;

● Stop seeing only routine in life;

● Discover your destination and immediately start moving towards it (along the way, easily shooting back from all the “cockroaches”);

● Take responsibility for your life and desires in your own hands and not shift it to others. 

This book will replace several good courses in psychotherapy. It contains little water and a lot of practical advice. And most importantly: it does not contain short-term methods or military tools on how to increase willpower, which eventually stop working anyway – all changes occur naturally from within and do not disappear anywhere. 


Many of us have dreams that seem to be of no use, but really want to. For example, buy yourself beautiful and expensive napkins for appliances. Or go to Paris for the holidays. Or sign up for tap dancing. And I also want to make sure that the house was comfortable and good. And to succeed. How is it all related to each other? This question will be answered by the Frenchwoman Dominique Loro and her book “The art of living simply”

This book collects conflicting reviews – someone remains crazy about her, and someone vomits and fusses. 

“The Art of Living Simple” teaches how to get rid of everything superfluous: in a way, like Marie Kondo’s sensational cleaning hit, only Dominique’s approach is more global. This book is about how to remove background noise from your life and focus on the things that really matter to you. It’s amazing how easy it is to go to Paris after that. 


One of the pressing questions of a novice vegetarian remains “Where can I get protein?”. Some people think that switching to a vegetarian diet means dooming yourself to an ascetic diet of buckwheat, lentils and spinach, but we know that this is far from the case. 

Juicy and bright book “Without meat” series “Jamie and Friends” by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver will turn even the most avid meat eater into vegetarianism. This is a collection of 42 adequate and tasty recipes that anyone, even a novice cook, can handle. In order to cook them, we do not need any special products, but the question: “What can replace meat?” will resolve itself. Suitable for vegetarians of any level of pumping and all those who want to make their diet correct and complete. 

I want to start the New Year from scratch, leaving behind all grievances, tears and worries. And you’re already kind of ready to forgive, but it still doesn’t work. You want to resolve a difficult relationship, but you don’t know which side to approach. Or let go of the situation, but it does not go out of your head. 

Colin Tipping’s book to start the year with a light heart “Radical Forgiveness”.

What this book can teach:

● How to refuse the role of a victim;

● How to stop numerous insults;

● How to open your heart;

● How to build complex relationships;

● See the reason for the recurring scenario in relationships with others. 

Radical Forgiveness is not a collection of psychological advice or a support group. There are no banal truths and template settings in it. Rather, this book is about remembering that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. 

We hope our selection will take you one step closer to making your wildest dreams come true. Because in the New Year everything is possible! 

Happy Holidays! 

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