Dinner according to the laws of nature

Sleep biorhythms are already well studied, and based on them, conclusions can be drawn about maintaining health and preventing diseases. But Ayurveda also gives knowledge about the biorhythms of nutrition. Adhering to them, you can improve the process of digestion. To live according to the biorhythms of nutrition means to intelligently alternate food and rest.

We are part of nature, we live according to its rhythms. If we violate them, for example, go to bed and get up not with nature, we can get health problems. The same goes for food. The largest portion of food should be taken when the digestive power is maximum, and this is between 11 and 2 o’clock in the afternoon. This is how our ancestors lived, but the schedule of modern city life has broken these habits.

Ayurveda says that a large meal is recommended at noon, this is optimal for health and guarantees the good functioning of the stomach and intestines. What does “big” mean? What you can comfortably hold in two hands is a volume that fills two-thirds of the stomach. More food may remain unprocessed and pass out of the stomach into peripheral tissues, disrupting bodily functions.

Food in cafes and restaurants often goes against the principles of proper digestion. One of the most common enemies of the stomach is iced drinks. Many popular foods, such as chocolate ice cream, are also bad for us. The combination of fruits with other products in one dish is also unacceptable.

But perhaps the most devastating impact of restaurants is in terms of jet lag. Visits peak at or after 7 pm, and the big meal is shifted to a time when the energy of digestion has faded. We only eat because we came to a restaurant.

What can we do to improve our eating habits?

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