Precious stones and their influence on a person

In ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures, gemstones were credited with a wide range of health effects, while today they serve mainly decorative purposes. Gemstones are also used to restore the energy field, find peace, love and security. In some beliefs, stones are placed on certain areas of the body, called “chakras”, which promote healing. In other cultures, they believed in the energy power of the stone, simply by wearing it as a pendant around the neck or earrings. The popular gemstone Rose Quartz is believed to help in soothing heart pains. Associated with love, Rose Quartz has a calming, gentle energy that affects its wearer accordingly. For the best effect, pink stone is recommended to be worn on a pendant around the neck. Thus, the stone is close to the heart, helps heal heart wounds, promotes self-love, keeps the heart open to positive relationships. Jewelry with a rose quartz stone will be a good gift for a person living through a family breakdown, parting with a close loved one, alienation and any conflict of the inner world. Gorgeous, deep shades of red in a pomegranate activate the restorative abilities of its mistress (master). It gives the body an impulse, revitalizes, promotes emotional well-being, increases self-confidence. There is a belief that the stone protects from evil and bad karma. The optimal place on the body for a pomegranate is next to the heart. Purple amethyst gives strength, courage and peace. These qualities also promote healing. A calming stone with peaceful properties, calm energy, it also promotes the release of creativity. Thanks to such pacifying properties of amethyst, it is desirable to present it as a gift to people who are restless, suffering from mood swings and various addictions. Amethyst is worn on any part of the body (rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants). Different in shade, shape and size, pearls promote body balance and create positive, happy feelings within their wearer. In traditional Asian health systems, pearls are used to treat the digestive system, fertility problems, and the heart. Some believe that pearl powder helps with skin conditions such as rosacea. Yellow, brown, red, amber is considered a gemstone that relieves headaches, stress and promotes self-expression. It also promotes cleansing, helping to clear disease from the body and relieve pain. A pure, white and at the same time iridescent moonstone brings its owner into balance, especially for women. Since ancient times, travelers have used this gem as a protective talisman.

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