Healthy teeth – healthy body

The Hollywood smile has long been a symbol of a successful life and good health. Unfortunately, caries, yellow teeth and bad breath are the usual “companions” of a resident of the metropolis. Since the prevention of oral diseases – as well as any diseases in general – is cheaper and more effective than treatment, within the framework of the National Expert Program “ColgateTotal. The best oral protection for my health” educational meetings are held. Their goal is educational in nature, they are devoted to the study of the relationship between oral health and the whole body.

During the September meeting attended by the correspondent Vegetarian, information about the health of the oral cavity and the whole body was shared by Igor Lemberg, dentist, Ph.D., expert at Colgate Total.

It is hard to believe that nowadays, when a person has significant resources to maintain his health at the proper level, many people prefer a cardinal solution to the problem – to pull out a bad tooth, rather than treat it.

 – Russia ranks sixth among third world countries in terms of periodontal disease, – emphasized Igor Lemberg.

Meanwhile, periodontitis is an “invisible killer” (the so-called article in The Times devoted to this problem): inflammatory processes in the oral cavity are a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, some of which (such as Helicobacter Pylori) lead to the development of gastritis, ulcerative diseases, pneumonia… It would seem that the diseases are different, but the reason is the same – insufficient oral care.

“A person is never alone. Bacteria in our body can bring both benefit and harm, and inflammatory processes serve as a catalyst for the latter, emphasized Marina Vershinina, doctor-therapist of the highest category, head of the laboratory diagnostics course of the Department of Family Medicine, UNMC GMU UD of the President of the Russian Federation. — It is important to understand that we ourselves can control the life processes that take place in our body.

Ever since school days, everyone remembers posters with ruddy schoolchildren urging us to brush our teeth correctly and thoroughly. But who follows this advice?

– On average, a person brushes his teeth for 50 seconds, – says Igor Lemberg. “While the optimal time is about three minutes. Everyone knows about the need to rinse their mouth after eating, but who actually does this during the day? Believe me, tea or coffee is a bad rinse.

The irony is, of course, sad. But let’s think about what we have in our bags or desktop? A bunch of unnecessary, forgotten and superfluous things that only take up space. What can we say about dental floss, which few people know how to use correctly, preferring to make “archaeological excavations” with toothpicks.

As for the advertised chewing gums, this is a product containing sweeteners and artificial sweeteners, which in some cases can cause an allergic reaction. However, chewing gums (if you do not chew them for several hours, which is one of the reasons for the development of gastritis) increase the secretion of saliva, cleanse the mouth and freshen the breath. Dentists recommend using chewing gum as a last resort, when it is not possible to use traditional hygiene products after a meal, and chewing them for no more than 10 minutes.

The rules for maintaining a Hollywood smile are simple and have long been known. The first is the regular use of proven tools. And this is not only toothpaste, but also additional oral care products that are often forgotten about: rinse, dental floss, interdental brushes (a novelty in oral care).

Especially carefully you need to approach the choice of toothpaste. It is best to choose toothpastes that contain Triclosan/Copolymer and fluorides. These toothpastes protect against 12 major oral problems: cavities, bad breath,

darkening of the enamel, the growth of bacteria and their appearance between the teeth, plaque, thinning of the enamel, the formation of plaque, inflammation and bleeding of the gums, sensitivity.

To reduce the risk of caries, you need to follow simple recommendations:

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and for at least 2 minutes using proper brushing technique.

2. Eat right and limit the number of snacks between meals.

3. Use dental products containing fluoride, including toothpaste. The use of fluoride toothpaste, in accordance with the official recommendation of the Russian Dental Association, is the most effective and clinically proven way to prevent and develop caries in adults and children.

4. Floss daily to remove plaque from between teeth and along the gum line.

5. The additional use of mouthwash after brushing your teeth helps to remove bacteria from hard-to-reach places, cheeks and tongue surfaces and keep breath fresher longer.

Proper and balanced nutrition is also important for the health of teeth and gums. And you should not open bottles with your teeth, gnaw nuts, pencils: there are special devices for this.

In addition to daily care of teeth and gums, let us recall a simple rule of prevention – regardless of how you feel, be sure to visit the dentist twice a year.

Vegetarian Consultant for Traditional Oriental Medicine Elena Oleksyuk suggests adding two more simple oral care routines to your daily routine. After brushing your teeth in the morning, be sure to clean your tongue from plaque – with a special scraper or toothbrush, and also hold sesame oil in your mouth – it strengthens tooth enamel and gums.

Be healthy!

Liliya Ostapenko learned to brush her teeth.

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