Top 5 Fruits and Vegetables for Arthritis

In this review, we present those vegetables and fruits that alleviate the course of an unpleasant disease – arthritis. Arthritis is a disease that many people have to live with. It brings physical, emotional and mental discomfort. In arthritis, the joints become swollen and inflamed, the cartilage that connects the muscles breaks down, and the bones rub against each other, causing pain. This greatly affects the daily life of patients, causing depression and depression. There are many treatments for this disease, but the right diet comes first. You need to eat enough fruits and vegetables, and here are the best ones: Blueberries Valuable natural products are distinguished by their bright color, and blueberries are no exception. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that help regulate the immune system and flush out harmful toxins that damage joints and worsen conditions. It also contains nutrients that are beneficial to the body as a whole and help lubricate the joints. Kale Kale (kale) is rich in body-cleansing antioxidants, but it has other benefits as well. Unusually for a vegetable, it contains omega-3 fatty acids that help repair joints. The effect is similar to protein products that protect the structure of the joints. Kale can affect the recovery of joints, regardless of the cause of their damage. Ginger Ginger is a well-known natural remedy for fighting many diseases, including arthritis. It speeds up the metabolism and burns extra calories caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Ginger relieves joint pain caused by arthritis for a long time. Similar to kale and blueberries, it regulates the immune system due to its high antioxidant content. prunes The main benefit of prunes is that their natural sweetness stimulates positive emotions in the brain, and this compensates for the pain of arthritis. But, on a more scientific level, it has been proven that prunes contain minerals – iron, copper and zinc. Iron builds up in the joints, and copper helps build the connective tissue that binds muscles. Zinc gives the body strength and longevity. Sweet potato Sweet potatoes, known as sweet potatoes, are very effective in fighting arthritis. It is rich in vitamin C, which regulates the immune system, as well as iron, which gives strength to the muscles. Sweet potatoes are low in pesticides, which means they contain virtually no toxins that aggravate arthritis. In addition, sweet potatoes regulate the immune system due to their high antioxidant content.

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