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The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body, which plays a major role – it is responsible for the digestion of food and the purification of blood. Moreover, it promotes the elimination of toxins from the body, therefore, it urgently needs regular detoxification. Medicine, including folk medicine, knows many effective ways to purify it, meanwhile, it is easiest to implement it by introducing special products into your diet. Having in their composition certain substances, they easily cope with the functions assigned to them. And, most interestingly, they are almost always found in our kitchen.

How to tell if an organ needs cleaning

Overeating, an abundance of fatty and fried foods in the diet, alcohol abuse, taking various medications, as well as constant stress and even an excess of iron, negatively affect not only a person’s health, but also his liver(1)… But she is responsible for the most important processes that take place in the body. In addition to purifying the blood, it provides protein synthesis, which is a kind of building block for the body, as well as other biochemical substances that aid digestion. In addition, it produces bile, which is involved in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, K).

Therefore, the symptoms that will indicate the need to cleanse the liver are primarily associated with the work of the digestive system. These include:

  • increased gas production, bloating and upset stomach after eating;
  • irregular bowel movements;
  • bulging belly;
  • bad breath;
  • decreased immunity and frequent infectious diseases;
  • skin problems: dryness, itching, psoriasis, eczema, rash, or acne;
  • dark circles under the eyes;
  • pain in the right side;
  • chronic fatigue.

Regular liver cleansing helps to get rid of them once and for all. The main thing is to consult a doctor before performing it and to exclude contraindications to the procedure. Long-term neglect of all these symptoms only aggravates the situation and increases the risk of developing oncology.(2).

What substances contribute to cleaning

The choice in favor of certain products for cleansing the liver was not made by chance. They contain certain useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the state of this organ. Among them:

  1. 1 Selenium. A few years ago, it was considered the strongest poison for the body, but today it is called a real protector of the heart. It is an antioxidant that prevents the development of cancer, arthritis and liver diseases, being responsible for the regeneration of liver tissues.
  2. 2 Vitamin E. Another substance that has antioxidant properties and, in combination, helps to fight fatty dysfunction of the liver – a disease in which excess fat accumulates in its cells. Moreover, these are not empty words, but the results of research. They were published in the publicationNew England Journal of Medicine“. The study involved 247 people who were preliminarily divided into 3 groups. The first was given large doses of vitamin E, the second was given diabetes medication, and the third was simply a placebo. As a result, thanks to vitamin E, improvements occurred in 43% of cases, thanks to placebo – in 19%. The use of the drug for diabetes mellitus had little success.(3).
  3. 3 Arginine. An essential amino acid that is often used to treat heart ailments. Her responsibilities include strengthening the immune system, and normalizing hormonal levels, and cleaning the liver. Studies have shown that arginine reduces the number of fat cells, and also neutralizes ammonia and other toxins that damage the organ.(4).
  4. 4 Chlorophyll. The substance helps to eliminate toxins from the body and naturally cleanse the liver.
  5. 5 Vitamin B2. Accelerates the process of cell regeneration, protects them from harmful substances, including the use of alcohol or various drugs.
  6. 6 Beta carotene. Takes part in the synthesis and storage of glycogen. Its deficiency negatively affects the secretion of bile and the absorption of vitamins E, A, D.
  7. 7 Vitamin C. Strengthens immunity and vascular walls, and also effectively fights toxins. The deficiency of this substance, first of all, affects metabolic processes, thereby making liver cells as vulnerable as possible.
  8. 8 Magnesium. It improves the functioning of the digestive system, and also relieves spasms of the smooth muscles of the liver and gallbladder, relieves the condition in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The easiest way to get all of these substances is from food. Thus, they are better absorbed and successfully relieve a person from the symptoms of intoxication.

Top 13 foods to cleanse the liver

Garlic. Just one clove of garlic activates the production of enzymes that help cleanse the body of toxins. In addition, it contains allicin and selenium, which trigger the processes of cell regeneration in this organ.

Grapefruit. It is a treasure trove of vitamin C and antioxidants, which lead to increased production of enzymes that trigger the detoxification process.

Beet. It is a source of beta-carotene, which normalizes liver function and improves bile secretion. Carrots have similar functions, so you can also safely include them in your diet.

Green tea. Scientists jokingly call him the liver’s favorite drink for the high content of antioxidants. Thanks to them, it relieves fatigue, cleanses the intestines, gives a person vigor and strength. In addition, it contains catechins, which improve metabolism, and vitamin P (one cup of tea contains its daily dose), which prevents the development of inflammatory processes and oncology. Also, green tea cleanses the body of toxins, so it is advised to use it as an aid in the treatment of hepatitis. Meanwhile, it cannot be abused, otherwise heart problems cannot be avoided.

Greens – arugula, spinach, green leafy vegetables. It is a storehouse of phlorophyll, which cleanses the blood of toxins, thereby protecting the liver. It also has a beneficial effect on the production and outflow of bile.

Avocado. A huge amount of nutrients is not the only merit of this fruit. Among other things, it promotes the production of glutathione, an antioxidant substance that helps to detoxify naturally.

Apples. They contain pectin, which cleanses the intestines, thereby making it easier for the liver.

Olive oil. Preference should be given to the one that was produced by cold pressing. It contains vitamin E, as well as healthy fats that help remove toxins from the body, thereby taking some of the liver’s work onto itself. In addition to olive oil, other vegetable oils such as corn oil and flaxseed oil are also suitable.

Citrus. As a source of vitamin C, they not only effectively fight toxins, but also minimize the negative effects of free radicals on organ cells.

Walnuts. They contain arginine, which neutralizes toxins, and omega-3 fatty acids, which normalize liver function.

Cauliflower. It is a source of vitamin C, which also speeds up the production of enzymes needed to digest food and removes toxins from the body, which significantly reduces the risk of cancer. In addition to her, cabbage and broccoli are also suitable.

Turmeric. Introduce it into your diet, and your liver will say “Thank you” to you, in any case, scientists are sure of this. Turmeric removes toxins from the body, thanks to the presence of curcumin in its composition, and also helps to cleanse the liver after a long course of medication. It is also noticed that the regular use of this spice triggers the process of cell regeneration. Research from the Maryland Institute has shown that curcumin also stimulates bile production. Interestingly, Chinese medicine actively uses it not only for the treatment of liver diseases, but also for the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract.(5).

Brown rice. It speeds up metabolism and has a positive effect on the functioning of the organ, reducing the density of the liver tissue. Other whole grain products have similar properties – cereals, bread, pasta.(6).

Other ways to cleanse the liver

In addition to introducing healthy foods into your diet that help detoxify naturally, you also need to rethink your lifestyle and habits. In other words:

  • switch to healthy and wholesome food, avoiding fatty and fried foods, as this impairs liver function;
  • stop drinking alcohol;
  • going in for sports – it speeds up metabolism and has a positive effect on the entire body as a whole, however, not always. Hearty breakfasts, just before physical activity, overload the digestive tract, putting extra stress on the liver and disrupting the process of blood outflow in it. As a result, pain receptors are pinched, which a person learns about in a few minutes, noticing severe pain in the side. In addition, rare but intense loads provoke the appearance of fat cells in the liver and only aggravate the situation. And in combination with a low-calorie diet, high loads contribute to the accumulation of stubborn substances in the body;
  • increase immunity in order to minimize the amount of drugs entering the body during illness(7).

Cleansing the liver is a long and difficult process. Approach it responsibly, having previously visited a doctor, and very soon you will feel all its benefits for yourself!

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