Vitamin D and calcium deficiencies are not associated with vegetarianism

Many people are afraid to switch to a vegetarian diet because they are afraid of the “medical” myths that an ethical diet can allegedly cause a deficiency of certain “essential” vitamins and minerals, which – again, allegedly – can only be obtained from meat and other lethal food. However, scientists expose these annoying misconceptions one by one.

A recent study of as many as 227.528 Americans (over 3 years of age) of all genders, ages, and incomes conclusively proved that there is no scientific evidence of a link between calcium and vitamin D deficiency and a vegetarian diet.  

Vitamin D and calcium play a key role in the formation and health of human bones, so nutritionists are very interested in knowing what dietary scenarios are most favorable for the absorption of these substances in sufficient quantities. Recent data have shown that the usual average “full” diet using meat and other animal products is simply not enough for a modern person, and in order to maintain health, one must look for other ways to obtain nutrients.

The study showed that, in general, the majority of people who underwent the study (and there are more than 200 thousand of them!) Are at risk for bone and dental health, because. they receive significantly less calcium and vitamin D. The current situation is also unfavorable for people involved in sports, not to mention pregnant women and the elderly, for whom calcium deficiency is simply dangerous.

According to the study, scientists noted that there was no pattern between whether you are a vegetarian or not – the lack of calcium and vitamin D is the same. Therefore, we can conclude that the consumption of meat and other animal products does not affect the level of intake and absorption of these important nutrients at all.

It is noteworthy that the best results were shown by children aged 4-8: apparently, because it is customary for children of this age to be heavily fed with cottage cheese, dairy products, and in general, spend more on their varied, nutritious nutrition. The prognosis for adults who underwent the study was much worse, so doctors concluded that, in general, American citizens are at risk of calcium and vitamin D deficiency, not getting these essential substances. Previously, there was no reliable data on this issue, and in the scientific community there were even suggestions that some segments of the population consume these nutrients in excess – such fears were not confirmed.

“These data provide the first clear indication that low-affluent, overweight or already obese individuals are at particular risk for calcium and vitamin D deficiency,” said study leader Dr. Taylor S. Wallace. “The results also make it clear that a large number of Americans are not getting enough calcium and vitamin D at all, consuming only food (and not using dietary vitamin and mineral supplements or consuming foods rich in calcium and vitamin D – Vegetarian).”

The results that support this choice are based on data from a study conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) over a period of seven years. By medical standards, they are very reliable, and have already been published in the respected scientific journal Journal of the American College of Nutrition, as well as other academic publications.

In fact, this study is a milestone in history. from the standpoint of modern, “official” science, it debunks the myth about the usefulness of the “standard” diet of the average American – and not only the American.

Despite the fact that the United States is a developed country, and the standard of living here is quite high, the general population with different incomes actually critically lacks reliable information on how you can maintain your health by eating wholesome and healthy food, and not in the way that the mass market suggests. advertising.

Even worse, of course, is the situation with those strata of society that have an income below the average. it is this sector of consumers that prefers low-quality meat products, bakery and pasta products, canned and “ready-made” food, as well as food sold by fast food companies. Of course, no one denies that “junk” food from the eatery is inferior and provides the body with enough nutrients, that increased consumption of coffee washes calcium out of the body, etc.

However, now, based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that even the food of the average “successful” American is, in fact, defective, and unhealthy in the long run, if not completely “junk”. This is despite the consumption of meat and other products, which many consider a guarantee of a complete, in terms of health, nutrition! This opinion is outdated and does not correspond to the truth.

All the more incentive for everyone who monitors their health and wants to maintain it until old age, to make efforts to keep themselves in shape. You need to watch your diet, look for healthy alternatives to your usual foods… You need to examine your eating habits, find out what nutrients are lacking in your usual diet, and learn new progressive eating methods – while not looking back at the “urban legends” that from meat, you supposedly die from a lack of nutrients!


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