Lentils and raw food

Lentil – one of the most common types of seeds in the legume family. Its shape is similar to that of lenses, although in fact it is the lenses that resemble the shape of this seed. an interesting fact, but this is where the name of all lenses came from, because in Latin, lentils sound like Lenz (lens). Like all legumes, lentils are highly digestible. Also, lentil seeds contain a lot of silicon, cobalt and molybdenum.

A distinctive feature of this plant is that there is practically no fat in lentil seeds! Thanks to this property, lentils have become an integral part of the diet of athletes. Usually, all over the world, lentils are boiled, because even on the packaging they write about the cooking time, but they never write that they are alive and germinate perfectly. There are many varieties of this plant. The most widespread varieties in Russia are ordinary green lentils, red lentils (Football variety), black, yellow, and sometimes also Pardina lentils. This is an excellent food product in winter and spring during the period when there is the greatest deficit of fresh fruits and vegetables. … To germinate lentils, it is necessary to soak the seeds for several hours in clean water, preferably spring water.

Water must be poured from the top, because the seeds swell greatly. After they are completely swollen, drain the water, rinse several times and sprinkle in a plate with a flat bottom, and cover with the same plate on top. We advise you to leave very little water, literally to cover the bottom with a water film. For 300-500 grams of sprouted lentils, about 5 pairs of plates are required. Make sure the lentils germinate and can be considered alive afterward. Rinse the lentils several times throughout the day and keep them warm and humid. On the first day, the green variety of lentils will still be quite hard, but on the 2-3 days when sprouts appear, it will become very soft and slightly change the taste. Red lentils swell very quickly and have a pleasant spicy taste.

This product should be consumed in moderation because it contains a lot of protein. Don’t forget to include plenty of fresh herbs in your diet. Bon appetit! And of course a video on how to sprout lentils and other cereals, legumes:

How to Sprout Lentils - Cheap Easy and Quick Method

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