Skin care during pregnancy


Why do skin changes occur? What can they be? How to minimize them? How to take care of your skin during pregnancy? Do not worry, this article will answer all these questions that so often worry expectant mothers!

So, let’s begin. 

Changes in the skin during pregnancy occur due to what happens under it: the volume of blood increases (in the second trimester it reaches its maximum), the subcutaneous glands work above the norm, the level of hormone production increases. 

As a result, the expectant mother may be surprised by: 

1. Blush

As a rule, it is observed in the second trimester. Of course, the inner circle can explain this sentimentally: “you are getting better, you are shining”, etc., but, in fact, here the blush still has the biological prerequisites for its occurrence. The increased volume of blood in the body leaves no choice for our cheeks and they are covered with a blush (there are numerous blood vessels under the surface of the skin of the cheeks). And the increased work of the sebaceous glands imposes a shine on top, that very “radiance”. Here is such a natural “make-up” is obtained. 

2. Pimples or pimples

And we were already glad that all this remained in the distant teenage past. But during pregnancy, hormones play with no less force. Even if suddenly you have such unexpected “guests”, do not worry! Soon after childbirth, and maybe earlier, they will disappear.

The main thing to remember is that for the time being it is better to refuse abrasive (rough) scrubs and exfoliating products (replace them with softer alternatives), in no case use preparations and creams containing Accutane, Retinol. 

3. Dark line

The one that was white before pregnancy, running from the navel to the middle of the pubic bone. This line darkens due to the fact that your tummy is growing and the skin is stretching.

A few months after giving birth, it will also disappear. 

4. Pigmentation

If you had age spots in the pre-pregnancy period, then during the pregnancy itself they may become darker, plus new ones may appear. This is due to the increased secretion of the hormone melanin. But these acquisitions, or rather, some of them, are irreversible. 

5. Capillary network

Blood volume and blood flow intensity increase, blood vessels dilate. This leads to the fact that the capillaries, previously hidden under the surface of the skin, protrude outward and become visible to others. Such a red network can appear anywhere on the body, but, as a rule, most often occurs on the legs and face. After giving birth, she will hide again. 

6. Stretch marks

Something that almost all women are afraid of even before pregnancy. Stretch marks may appear in the tummy area. The reason for this is its rapid growth in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, or, as often happens, the rapid increase in total body weight. In some cases, the skin is simply unable to cope with active changes and, as a result, the same stretch marks and scars form on it. It is very difficult to get rid of them after childbirth, so it is better to simply prevent their occurrence. 

How to minimize all these possible and unforeseen manifestations on the skin?

What kind of care can we give her? 

By the way, taking care of your own skin during pregnancy is also a good preparation for the future care of your baby’s delicate skin! Here, of course, it’s not just about what you put on top of it, but also about what you feed it from the inside (what nutrients you eat with food). 

Pay attention to the following recommended points: 

1. Give your skin nourishment

Eat more vitamins, fresh, nutrient-rich food. Don’t forget the importance of consuming omega-3 fatty acids – they are a natural and safe anti-inflammatory agent that soothes the skin and relieves irritation. 

2. Give your skin a drink

Dry skin during pregnancy is a very common problem. And here, the simplest, most affordable thing we can do is drink more fluids (namely, clean water).

Also, if possible, humidify the air. And also, after taking a shower or bath, do not dry yourself with a towel, leave droplets of water on the surface of the body – let them gradually absorb themselves. You can also supplement this procedure with the application of a moisturizer / ointment / oil. Best used before bed. 

3. Give skin a sense of tone

Possible stretch marks, the manifestation of “orange peel”, flabbiness – of course, this is not about tone. About tone – this is a contrast shower (start this procedure gradually, by dousing your feet), massage with a dry brush or a rough towel, applying, rubbing in natural oils (coconut is an excellent option), creams, visiting a bath (but in a gentle mode and in the absence of any or contraindications). 

4. Keep your skin comfortable with clothing

Wear loose (non-restrictive) clothes made from natural materials so that the body “breathes”. It is better to refuse synthetic fabrics – this applies not only to the period of pregnancy. 

5. Use the right makeup

The mood can change quickly, and with it the attitude towards your own reflection in the mirror. Sometimes everything is fine and the need for bright makeup disappears, and sometimes there are situations when “something went wrong” and “you urgently need to cover it up.” The best option is the smart use of gentle water-soluble decorative cosmetics (fortunately, now there are many lines for pregnant women). Choose products that do not clog pores and do not dry out the skin, be sure to remove makeup before bed.

In general, remember, whatever it is – you are the most beautiful! Pregnancy is one of the best states of a woman. 

6. Pamper Your Skin With Vitamin T

Namely – gentle touches! They have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the psyche, mood, which is very important, even necessary for a woman in such a quivering and exciting period. 

Let your skin breathe and shine, and pregnancy envelops you with warm, pleasant feelings in anticipation of a miracle! 

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