4 first aid options for tired legs

Almost every one of us has experienced symptoms of fatigue, aches, and numbness in the legs. This condition is especially well known to pregnant women. Along with strong drugs (which have side effects), there are many alternative solutions that do not require a trip to the doctor. The following foot relaxation techniques can be used individually or in combination: Massage your feet with a scrub under as hot water as you can tolerate. Dry well with a towel and go straight to bed. We suggest doing 30 circular movements with each leg. In addition to helping to relax the legs, this method has the “side effect” of more toned and slender legs. A non-addictive, affordable, gentle alternative care option. Medicinal peas are made exclusively from vegetable or mineral sources. They help within a few minutes, but in some people they do not show an effect. A well-established natural remedy, menthol is very effective for discomfort in the legs. Spread it generously on your legs, wrap yourself in a blanket – a restful sleep will not take long. The only negative is that menthol has a strong, long-lasting aroma, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

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