Keeping and breeding Japanese quail


Keeping and breeding Japanese quail

Content of Japanese quail

Breeding Japanese quail at home

The instinct for brooding in poultry has been lost, so an incubator is required to breed them. On average, incubation takes 18 days.

In order to obtain good quality young growth, it is necessary to select the right eggs for incubation and observe the density of planting of individuals in the cage. A good hatching egg has the following characteristics:

  • weight from 9 to 11 g;
  • regular shape, not elongated and not round;
  • the shell is clean, without cracks and build-ups.

The percentage of hatching chicks directly depends on these indicators. 20-25% of the total number of incubated eggs is allowed. If there are more unfertilized eggs, this means that the stocking density of individuals is disturbed. Experts recommend keeping quails in families where there are 4-5 females per male.

For the full development and high egg production of a breeding family of birds, good nutrition is required. Quail food should be high in protein, vitamins and nutrients. Add finely ground barley, wheat and corn grits, vegetables, herbs and ground eggshells, meat waste to the diet. One adult requires up to 30 g of feed per day. It is impossible to overfeed the breeding bird, this reduces the egg production. In addition, drinkers should always have clean water.

Quail breeding is an interesting activity. But for success in business, it is necessary to study all the subtleties of the process and provide the bird with the necessary conditions for growth.

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