My home, my fortress, my inspiration: 7 ideas on how to make yourself and your home better


A unique combination of scientific and spiritual approaches that will make your home a place of rest, restoration and finding harmony. The book will show you the right path, clarifying one important truth: your soul is like a house. A house is like a soul. And you can make both of these spaces open, filled with light and joy.


It is very important to fill the children’s room with creativity and magic. Only in such a room the child will be able to truly develop and fully relax, have fun with friends and learn with pleasure. Tatyana Makurova knows how to fill a nursery with beautiful and functional things. In his book How to Arrange a Nursery, the author gives many workshops on organizing space and decorating. But who said that all the fun and magic should be only in the nursery? Some ideas can be harmoniously implemented and fit into the design of any home or room.


Either you control money or it will control you and your life. This book will help to reconsider the priorities and attitude to material values. Advertising and expectations of other people will no longer force you to use unnecessary things. 


Tens of thousands of people in this country (and millions around the world) have read The China Study and found the benefits of a plant-based diet. This book goes further and answers not only the question “why?” but also the question “how?”. In it, you’ll find a simple nutrition transition plan that will allow you to enjoy your new healthy habits, health, and fitness. In this book, you will learn why the home plays an important role in changing your eating habits, and what changes you need to make in order to switch to a vegetarian diet.


The book will help you prioritize your life and tell you how to do less and achieve more. Your time and energy is priceless and should not be wasted on things and people that are not really important to you. You and you alone must determine what is worth your limited resources.



The book “Dreaming is not harmful” was published in 1979. It’s an all-time bestseller because it’s inspiring and simple. Often, with external success, people feel unhappy that they could not realize their real dreams. And then they begin to fill the mental discomfort with the purchase of new things. This book is written to help you learn, step by step, how to turn your life into the life you have always dreamed of.


Dr. Hallowell has explored the root causes of people’s inability to concentrate—and he’s convinced that standard advice like “make a to-do list” or “better manage your time” doesn’t work because it doesn’t address the root causes of distraction. He looks at the root causes of loss of focus – from multitasking to mindless social media browsing – and the psychological and emotional issues behind them. Don’t let unnecessary status things and gadgets distract you from your true goals and sincere communication with colleagues and friends. 

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