Crooked-legged dog brought from Greece to England to save lives

Sandy is an unusual dog. The owner in Greece abandoned him as a puppy, probably because of his crooked paws – it was difficult for him to move and stand upright. Despite these difficulties, Sandy remained cheerful and thus won the hearts of many animal lovers thousands of miles from Greece – in England.

As soon as Mutts in Distress Mutts in Distress, based in Hertfordshire, England, heard Sandy’s story, they immediately began planning a flight for Sandy to return to his health and give him another chance in hopes of giving him the ability to walk. Thanks to generous support, Mutts in Distress raised enough funds to rescue Sandy.

Later, in December 2013, Sandy finally arrived at the shelter, and the Cambridge Beehive Companion Care veterinarians who decided to perform surgery on his paws immediately fell in love with him. But before starting the procedures, it was necessary to check how badly Sandy’s paws were damaged.

He was tired after the flight and the medical examination, and fell asleep immediately after the X-ray. Luckily, Sandy’s X-ray was reassuring and he was booked in for surgery a month later – hooray! Everyone was impressed with how well his first surgery went…because after that, one of Sandy’s legs straightened out!

According to Mongrel in Trouble, Sandy’s veterinarian made a cart to help him get around, but Sandy “didn’t use it, trying to do everything on his own.” What a small miracle! “This boy is so happy despite the difficulties of life. It’s incredible.”

A few weeks after Sandy’s first operation, her other leg was straightened. According to Mongrel in Trouble, Sandy was “a little disoriented” after his second operation and is now facing “two months of treatment and physical therapy.” However, everyone is sure that he will cope, because little Sandy is a real fighter who does not give up in the face of adversity.

To keep track of Sandy’s recovery, check the Mutts in Distress website regularly for updates.

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