Jared Leto is a vegetarian

Celebrities are far from stupid and care about their health. One of the most famous musicians and actors of the 2000s, Jared Leto is a vegetarian. Although, to be more precise, already vegan. Since 1993, Jared Leto has followed a vegetarian diet and only in recent years has switched to a completely vegan diet. Of course, in addition to nutrition, sound sleep, favorite work, lack of stress and playing sports help the musician and actor look so young.

Like many other famous vegans, Jared Leto is aware of the extent of his responsibility for his words and deeds and always tries to convey to his listeners and admirers of their views on ecology, the environment and our place in it. For example, a musician wears fur clothes exclusively made of artificial fur in order to emphasize that they are no worse in terms of aesthetics. Often in interviews, he can be seen with fruit. Jared also often takes part in animal protection movements such as PETA. In one of his interviews, the actor said that he no longer consumes dairy products, as he considers it disgusting.

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  1. Bravo à lui et plein de succès à son nouvel album !

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