Prano-eaters, raw-eaters, non-eaters in contact

In recent years, streams of knowledge about “how to live right” have begun to pour out from all the media. And most of all, various systems of healthy eating are promoted. Vegetarians, raw foodists and spicy-eaters post the most convincing before and after photos, rejoice at the opening of the “third eye”, a changed worldview, and so on.

And many people, inspired by what they saw and read on the same social networks, immediately decide: “I want it too!” And stop eating meat, fish and eggs, or even eat at all. And the consequences of such an impulsive act can be sad. Undoubtedly, each specified nutritional system has a right to exist (unless spicy-eating can be seriously questioned – this should be treated with extreme caution).

Vegetarians live without conscience for murder, lose extra pounds, and get rid of high cholesterol. Raw foodists save a lot on food in general, start to smell good without even taking a shower, and enjoy eating raw potatoes. spicy-eaters and non-eaters are generally people who have practically approached nirvana. And the listed advantages are far from illusory. Just to achieve them, you need long, step-by-step work on yourself.

The main ideologists of the raw food diet in Runet (Raisin with a family and close adherents) live in a subtropical and tropical climate. Being a raw foodist on the coast of the warm sea, where fruits and vegetables grow in abundance, is not at all the same as trying to “eat raw” while living in the Arctic Circle or in a gassed metropolis. It is possible to use this power system in difficult conditions, but do not rush out of oil into the fire!

Trying to overcome the “crises” on your own, enduring malaise, fatigue, and exacerbation of chronic diseases is dangerous, no matter what the ideologists of starvation and raw mono-eating may assert. Yes, all those who share their successful experience of defeating “food brittleness” are telling the truth. But there are many more who have harmed their health and do not write about it on social networks, so no matter how convincing the photos, stories, and videos are, do not try to start eating prana, water alone, or raw roots without the supervision of a specialist.

If you do not want to go to a therapist with such a question, consult a nutritionist. Or, in extreme cases, to someone who has been practicing your chosen food system for a long time, knows about the difficulties that await and will be able to help cope with them. Find a practitioner of the type of nutrition you are striving for, talk to his students, are his services paid, is there a real provable and verifiable result of his work? And remember, everything needs measure and gradualness, nature does not like drastic changes.

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