Mike Tyson is a vegetarian

Well-known boxer Mike Tyson is now a vegetarian. The big meat lover, who once even bit off a piece of an opponent in the ring, no longer has any interest in the taste of flesh. The retired American boxer has already publicly announced his decision to switch to a vegetarian diet on several occasions, and in fact, the actor immediately shows that plant foods were good for him.

Throughout his athletic career, the great boxer has always had to stay on a strict diet and train hard in the gym to build and maintain tremendous muscle mass and remarkable strength. However, once he retired from boxing, going to the gym and even more so about dietary restrictions were forgotten. But now with the transition to a new diet, Mike is again in excellent shape. During this time, he lost as much as 45 kg. and began to look significantly younger. Another example of an excellent muscular body is a raw foodist. In his years on absolutely live food, he achieved good results and shares them with others. “Iron Mike” enthusiastically tells how amazingly his life is changing for the better.

He talks about changes in himself, considering himself more balanced and calm now. As strange as it may sound, but now one of Mike’s main hobbies is birds. He even launched his own pigeon show on Animal Planets. Tyson also intends to open a vegetarian club, but he is not going to bury his talent either. Mike Tyson plans to stay in boxing as a coach and, whenever possible, take part in charity events aimed at popularizing boxing. These are the amazing changes that a normal transition to a vegetarian diet can create for a person. will ever return to the ring, will he use his old trick?

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