6 reasons why rabbits deserve love and care

Rabbits are adorable animals and are loved by people all over the world. But, unfortunately, due to the fact that the rabbit is an Easter symbol in the culture of some countries, on the eve of Easter, many people take them from shelters, and as soon as the holiday ends, they return them.

Rabbits are the most exploited animal species in the world: they are used in the production of food and clothing, they are tested in cosmetic products, they are bred and sold. And the most frightening thing is that 8 million rabbits die every year due to the meat industry.

Rabbits are social and intelligent animals, as well as loyal companions that crave love and activity. Here are six fun and interesting facts about these furry creatures that prove they deserve better treatment.

1. Rabbits are not just cute animals

Rabbits are smart and easy to train. They are also picky about the cleanliness of their space and their fur. Rabbits take care of themselves, and any rabbit lover will tell you how nice their fur smells and what warm and soft fluff they have around their necks.

Rabbits love to dig and chew, so you need to be careful about the environment in which they live. You may be able to protect things from your rabbit’s teeth by offering a wicker basket or cardboard tunnels to chew on.

2. Rabbits love making friends.

Rabbits can get along with cats and dogs, but introductions are best done gradually and under supervision. Rabbits also enjoy the company of other rabbits, but like us, they prefer to choose their own companions.

If you decide to adopt a rabbit, consider bringing a pair home as this will save you the hassle of looking for a friend for your rabbit. But he will remain as loyal to you, his human friend, as he is to his companion.

3. Rabbits love to cuddle, but on their own terms.

Since rabbits are hunted animals, they usually do not like being picked up from the floor and held in the air. As soon as all their legs are off the ground, they panic and react as if they were grabbed by a predator, such as a hawk. They may start kicking and biting, and in response, people usually just open their hands and let them fall to the floor. But rabbits have very fragile bones, so such cases can end in damage for them!

Rabbits love to cuddle, but on their own terms. They also prefer a quiet environment that is free from many children and noisy adults.

4. Rabbits love to be groomed.

Spaying and neutering, regular trips to the vet, fresh greens and hay, nail trimming, medicines, fur combing, litter box maintenance… Rabbits love to be given attention and expect you to be attentive and responsible throughout their lives.

5. Rabbits love to roam free.

How often have you heard the myth that rabbits are mean and bite? Only rabbits who are forced to languish in a cage, an extremely common but incredibly cruel housing choice for most types of domestic rabbits, can behave this way. And who wouldn’t be angry if he had to spend his whole life in a cramped cage? But when rabbits are allowed to roam freely around the house, like cats and dogs, they feel great.

Some people think that rabbits are happy to be outdoors, but domestic rabbits are not like wild rabbits. Outside, rabbits can encounter too many hazards. Also, they will not be able to survive on their own in the wild, so “release” usually means a death sentence for them.

6. Rabbits are faithful companions

In order for the rabbit to make friends with you, you need to win his trust – and then he will become your devoted companion. Rabbits enjoy interacting with people.

Rabbit lovers are sure that each rabbit has its own unique personality. They can be shy, nervous, outgoing, playful, short-tempered, inquisitive, funny and self-confident. They love toys and mental stimulation. And they love to be stared at. This action reminds them of the interaction that takes place between rabbits tied to each other – they can sit and enjoy for hours.

Rabbits are nocturnal animals, which means they are most active in the mornings and evenings. Thus, for people working all day long, the rabbit will become an excellent pet. Come home at 8 pm – and he is just ready to communicate with you.

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