Is it possible to cauterize erosion during pregnancy

Is it possible to cauterize erosion during pregnancy

Whether it is possible to cauterize erosion during pregnancy is a controversial issue for both doctors and their patients. Most gynecologists believe that such drastic measures are not necessary and it is better to wait until delivery if the affected area is of moderate size.

What is the danger of cervical erosion during pregnancy?

Pathological changes in the epithelium can appear both during pregnancy and much earlier. Scientists still cannot identify the cause of this ectopia. It is only obvious that it should be treated. Modern methods are painless and do not leave rough scars.

Is it possible to cauterize the erosion of the cervix during pregnancy, it is worth deciding with the doctor

If erosion has developed as a result of hormonal changes, then it can go away on its own.

In other cases, it is necessary to assess the extent of the lesion, and only the doctor decides on the need for treatment.

A small lesion of the epithelium does not pose a danger to either the mother or the baby. However, the problem can be much broader. The affected neck loses its elasticity, and the damaged tissue becomes easily infected. There is a risk of rupture and bleeding during vaginal delivery.

What to do if cervical erosion is detected during pregnancy?

Cervical treatment is usually started after childbirth, even if the woman is not yet pregnant. The standard cauterization method leaves scars and reduces tissue elasticity. Erosion during pregnancy is treated only in extreme cases, when tissue damage is extensive and there is a risk of infection.

The decision on the method of treatment is made only by the doctor. Before childbirth, it can be:

  • wound healing ointments;
  • antifungal drugs:
  • anti-inflammatory lotions;
  • hemostatic agents.

Any drug is prescribed in a strictly individual dosage, treatment is carried out in a hospital, under the supervision of medical personnel. Complete elimination of the problem by such methods is impossible, however, they inhibit the pathological process and give time for gestation and childbirth.

Women themselves can try to get rid of ectopia with folk remedies. They should remember that any non-sterile agent injected into the vagina can not only aggravate the course of the disease, but also cause even more inflammation. In addition, many herbs and oils are dangerous for possible abortive effects.

Do not be afraid of the diagnosis and urgently look for a solution to the problem. Erosion of the cervix is ​​not an indication for abortion or caesarean. Labor is usually normal, and after 6 months, radical cauterization can be started.

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