The Lost World of Mount Mabu

Sometimes it seems that people have mastered every square centimeter of the planet, but a few years ago, scientists, using photographs from satellites of the Google Earth program, discovered a lost world in Mozambique – the tropical jungle on Mount Mabu around it is literally “stuffed” with animals, insects and plants, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. Mount Mabu has become home to so many unique species that a team of scientists is currently fighting to have it recognized as a nature reserve – to keep lumberjacks out.

It all started with the fact that Julian Bayliss, a scientist from the Kew Gardens team, saw several golden-eyed tree vipers on Mount Mabu. Since then, his team has discovered 126 species of birds, of which seven are threatened with extinction, about 250 species of butterflies, including five species that have yet to be described, and other previously unknown species of bats, frogs, rodents, fish and plants.

“The fact that we discovered new species of animals and plants confirms the need to make this territory inviolable, it is necessary to preserve it as it is,” says Dr. Bayliss. A team of scientists applied for recognition of the international importance of this territory and giving the status of a reserve. Currently, this application has been accepted at the level of the government of the region and Mozambique and is awaiting the approval of international bodies.

Bayliss emphasizes that all decisions must be made very quickly: “The people who threaten Mabu are already there. And now we’re trying to win a race against the clock – to save this unique territory.” The forests in this area are of great interest to loggers, who are already – literally – ready with chainsaws.

According to The Guardian.

Photo: Julian Bayliss, during an expedition to Mount Mabu.


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