Pregnancy and toxicosis: why during pregnancy toxicosis, causes


Pregnancy and toxicosis: why during pregnancy toxicosis, causes

Pregnancy and toxicosis are closely related concepts. But nausea, weakness and other unpleasant sensations are not always safe for the expectant mother and her baby. To make it easier to endure toxicosis, you need to know why it occurs and how to cope with it yourself.

Causes of toxicosis in early pregnancy

Loss of strength, nausea and vomiting are common symptoms that plague a woman in an interesting position. Most often, discomfort begins in the period from the 4th to the 6th week of pregnancy and bother the expectant mother in the morning. Not only morning sickness is considered normal, but also the manifestation of toxicosis 2-3 times during the day. If attacks occur more often and are accompanied by exhausting vomiting, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Toxicosis during pregnancy occurs due to the restructuring of the body

In addition to reactions to odors and nausea, there are other forms of toxicosis manifestation: benign jaundice, eczema, pruritus and insomnia. In these cases, special treatment is prescribed, and the woman must be under constant medical supervision.

It is believed that toxicosis during pregnancy is provoked by the following factors:

  • Hormonal imbalance. Unpleasant symptoms disappear after the level of hormones stabilizes, and the body of the expectant mother adapts to the appearance of the embryo.
  • Immunity reaction. A woman’s immune system can reject foreign tissue in the early stages, which is why toxicosis during pregnancy only intensifies.
  • Natural protection. The mother’s body naturally protects the baby from the negative effects of bad habits and improper nutrition, as well as from possible poisoning with toxic substances.
  • Stress. Constant worries, lack of sleep and irritability can unbalance the digestive system and provoke severe toxicosis.
  • Chronic diseases. Untreated diseases that weaken the immune system are one of the causes of toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy.
  • Age and number of pregnancies. Weakness and nausea often appear in women after 30-35 years old, who have not given birth before and have undergone several abortions.
  • Multiple pregnancy. Mommies who carry twins are more susceptible to toxicosis, since their body experiences a double load.

Healthy women tolerate pregnancy more easily, and unlike mothers with chronic diseases, weak immunity and bad habits, they can endure a baby without knowing what toxicosis is.

When will toxicosis end and how to deal with it?

It is difficult to name the exact dates, but in most cases the unpleasant symptoms stop by the 12-13th week of pregnancy. But it also happens that at a later date, they can begin with renewed vigor. In the last trimester, swelling, heartburn and pressure drops are often added to weakness and indigestion.

What causes toxicosis during pregnancy is easy to understand, but its manifestations in later stages can pose a serious threat to the fetus. Frequent bouts of vomiting, dizziness and sudden pressure surges are a reason for an immediate visit to a doctor.

To make it easier to endure an unpleasant condition, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Supply system. Eliminate fried, fatty, spicy and other foods that irritate the stomach from the diet. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Drink natural juices, compotes, herbal teas, vegetable broths, and lemon water.
  • Mode. Have dinner with light meals and do not go to bed immediately after eating; it takes at least 2-3 hours to assimilate food.
  • Sour taste. Keep sour candies, apples, or lemons with you to help relieve nausea.
  • Honey for prevention. Eat 1 tsp. honey on an empty stomach, it will support the digestive system and immunity in general.
  • Morning snack. When you wake up, do not rush to get out of bed, and always keep a cracker, nuts, dried apricots or other dried fruits on the sleeping cabinet.
  • Walking. Spend more time outdoors, away from highways, and avoid smoking areas and rooms with strong odors.
  • Aromatherapy. Use peppermint essential oil to scent your bedroom, pillow, or handkerchief. 2-3 drops of ether soothe the stomach and eliminate nausea. Use other oils like anise, jasmine or citrus.
  • Water procedures. Swimming in a pool or in open water, as well as a contrast shower, helps to cope with attacks of toxicosis and even get rid of them completely.
  • Vitamins. Consult a doctor and take a vitamin and mineral course to maintain immunity.

There are other ways to combat toxicosis – herbal medicine, homeopathy, immunocytotherapy, physiotherapy and even hypnosis, but the decision on their use should be made by the attending doctor.

Having found out why there is toxicosis during pregnancy, it is important to maintain emotional balance and follow all the doctor’s recommendations. Taking care of your own health, getting rid of bad habits and controlling nutrition – this is what will help you to more easily endure the difficult period of waiting for a child.

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