McDonald’s is now looking for older employees

Young people today consider working at McDonald’s as a kind of temporary income. And this is, of course, a problem for the company, as it generates staff turnover and not always a responsible attitude to work.

Therefore, a large company decided to pay attention to aged people. After all, not everyone wants to spend their pension knitting socks for their grandchildren and watching TV – some are ready to continue working, while finding a worker at that age is quite difficult.

So far, this initiative will be tested in five US states. It is planned to help older low-income Americans find work.


And its implementation will be beneficial not only for employees and the company, but will also be important for shifts in the labor market in terms of ageism. After all, older people are often perceived as being on the sidelines in the labor market, while older workers tend to be more punctual, experienced, friendly and have a better understanding of work ethics than younger people.

Analysts at research firm Bloomberg expect the number of working Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 to grow 4,5% over the next few years.

Ageism (discrimination of a person by age), of course, is still present in society, but this trend can be the first step towards life without prejudice and will give everyone the opportunity to work when he wants and as long as he can.

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