Intuitive eating – what is it

A conscious or intuitive weight loss diet doesn’t look like other diets. On the contrary, you just eat what you like anytime. Of course, not uncontrollably, but this approach will surely appeal to many.

The main task of intuitive eating – to relieve tension around the idea of weight loss. Surprisingly, a lot of self-allowing and listening to your body, it is itself reconstructed on the process of dumping excess weight.

The 10 principles of intuitive eating

1. To start, you should abandon all diets and experiments on your body. You are unique, and that is right for you, not known beforehand. And with each new stage of the diet, your health will deteriorate and refuse to give up the fat reserves.

2. Listen to your hunger and respect that desire. The longer you delay the satisfaction of this request, the more likely to overeat when you get to the fridge. At the same time, if there is hunger, do not eat in the company or out of habit.


3. Don’t focus on counting calories. Well, if you know the approximate rate and sticking to it. Do not force yourself to obscure tables. Feelings of guilt and anxiety do not help to lose weight.

4. Allow yourself any food. Psychologically, you will relax even if you eat the most harmful dish in a normal amount, not double. And in general, when I’m not so anxious, right?

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Intuitive eating – what is it

5. Try not to overeat. Remember that the signal from the stomach to the brain is slow and better to wait 15-30 minutes. Still hungry? Eat up!

6. Enjoy the food, don’t eat fast don’t eat in front of the TV or a long conversation. Give the “piece” to every food, try to chew to feel the taste and enjoy.

7. If you are inclined to seize problems or boredom, make a list of things that distract you, and constantly keep before your eyes. Impulsive overeating – the most common cause of weight gain.

8. Love your body. Alignment with runway standards is not the best idea. We all have a different structure, metabolism, and lifestyle. Develop your strengths, and once you accept yourself, the body is an amazing way to calm down and start to give weight.

9. Pick a physical activity according to your own preferences, not fashion trends. Sports is not easy, and if you still feel uncomfortable – it is impossible. If the training will be fun, they will become regular.

10. Despite the dependability of the food, respect your health and try to give him healthy foods. Not everyone likes broccoli, but some sprouts you should! Try new things and experiment with spices that will remove unpleasant flavors and add zest to the dish.

For more about the intuitive eating watch the video below:


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