20 Ways to Use Juice Cake

1. Add pulp to your smoothie to add coarse fiber to it.

2. If you’ve been juicing vegetables, add the pulp to your soup to make it thicker and more nutritious.

3. You can make ice cream by filling the pulp with juice, water or vegetable milk;

4. Make a vegetable broth by pouring water over the remaining juice, adding herbs and spices

5. Make a fruit tea by pouring water over the rest of the berry juice, adding cinnamon and ginger

6. Use the pulp to make a sauce for pasta or as a layer for lasagna

7. Prepare jelly or fruit slices

8. Add pulp to veggie buns. It adds moisture, flavor and nutrients

9. Cupcakes, cakes, breads, cookies, granola bars – you can also add pulp to all these pastries!

10. Make pancakes or pancakes. The pulp will create the desired texture

11. Make “croutons” from leftover vegetables

12. Prepare pizza dough. Just add some flour, egg substitute (flax and chia seeds) and some salt to the pulp

13. What about marmalade with agar-agar?

14. Grind fruit pulp, mix with dried fruits, water, oatmeal, spices, nuts and seeds – a healthy breakfast is ready!

15. Prepare “muesli”: dry the pulp and add nuts, seeds and dried fruits to it

16. Squeeze out the pulp of vegetables, dry and use as breadcrumbs

17. Use in homemade skin care recipes such as scrubs, masks and soaps

18. You can add the pulp to your pet food. They don’t mind getting better either.

19. Freeze the pulp in an ice cube tray and use it when you need it.

20. If you’re into gardening, compost the pulp.

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