Amazing baby Luiz Antonio decides to be a vegetarian

Unlike most kids his age, Luiz Antonio wants to eat vegetables. He has good reasons for this.

Watch the video with English subtitles. Potatoes? Everything is simple. Rice? Of course. Octopus dumplings? Never.

Louise asks simple questions, trying to figure out how the octopus’s tentacles ended up on his plate. And, more importantly, he wonders what became of the remaining parts of the octopus.

“Is his head still in the sea?” Louise asks her mother, and she replies, “His head is in the fish market.” – Has she been cut off? Louise asks. Mom tells him that they slaughter all the animals they eat, even chickens, and this information causes him a sharp rejection: – No! They are animals! – It turns out that when animals are eaten, they are already dead? Louise widens her eyes. Why should they die? I don’t want them to die! I want them to live. These are animals… they need to be cared for, not eaten! After his insight, Louise realizes that his words affected her mother: – Why are you crying? he asks. I’m not crying, you just touched me. Am I making something beautiful? Louise asks. Mom answers him. – Eat! You can’t eat octopus.


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