hug more often

New favorite word for the letter “o” – oxytocin. • Oxytocin is considered a maternal hormone – thanks to him, the instinct of motherhood awakens in a woman. • The higher the level of oxytocin in the body, the more we trust people, become closer to those we know and love, and become more attached to a permanent partner. • Oxytocin helps reduce blood pressure, inflammation in the body and stress levels. Just a five-second hug improves our overall well-being. However, most research suggests that positive emotions only occur when we hug someone we warmly relate to. This does not happen when hugging a stranger. Hug with friends The next time you meet a friend or family member, hug them from the heart and you will both feel closer. Pet cat If you can’t get a pet, don’t worry – many coffee shops around the world have cats. Why not enjoy a cup of cappuccino with a purring furry friend on your lap? Volunteer at a pet shelter Many shelters are in need of permanent volunteers. Taking care of animals will give you the opportunity to be in a state of unconditional love, and the animals will feel much better and will be able to find new owners faster. Go for a massage Massage not only relaxes the body, but also promotes the release of the hormone oxytocin. Take warm baths If you don’t like being social and don’t like to cuddle, take a warm bath, give yourself a neck and shoulder massage. It is very relaxing, and also gives a feeling of happiness. Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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