Doctors about eggs. Children and vegetarianism

The eminent American nutritionist Herbert Shelton, author of Perfect Nutrition, states: “Naturally, neither meat, nor meat broth, nor eggs should ever be given to a child, especially up to 7-8 years. At this age, he does not have the strength to neutralize the toxins formed in these products.

Dr. Valery Alexandrovich Kapralov, head of the Moscow Naturopathic School of Health and Obstetrics, said: “In order for children to grow up truly healthy, strong and remain so all their lives, physical education alone is not enough. It is important that they eat properly and, first of all, do not consume animal protein. Then the child’s body will develop as it should by nature, and such a person will avoid many diseases prepared for those who eat meat.

The USDA and the American Dietetic Association are very supportive of parents who give their children exclusively vegan food. Studies show that children who do not eat animal products are much healthier than their peers. They have a 10 times lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Indeed, already at the age of 3, children who eat in the usual way have clogged arteries! Also, if a child eats meat, they are 4 times more likely to get cancer – and girls are 4 times more likely to develop breast cancer!

Research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association shows that children who are not fed animal foods from birth have an IQ that is 17 points higher, on average, than their peers who eat meat, dairy, and eggs. The same study links dairy consumption in childhood to diseases such as colic, ear infections, insulin-dependent diabetes, constipation, and internal bleeding. Frank Oski, chair of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, says: “There is no reason to drink cow’s milk at any age. It was meant for calves, not humans, so we should all stop drinking it.”

Dr. Benjamin Spock argues that although cow’s milk is the ideal food for calves, it is dangerous for children: “I want to tell parents that cow’s milk is dangerous for many children. It causes allergies, indigestion, and sometimes contributes to childhood diabetes.” Nutritional experience in Siberia and St. Petersburg has shown that children who switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet, compared to children on a conventional mixed diet, are almost very hardy both in school and in sports. They easily solve the most complex mathematical problems, learn difficult subjects and sections. They have a desire for creativity: write poetry, draw, engage in crafts (wood carving, embroidery), etc.

In addition, the parents of such children who switched to a clean diet do not drink alcoholic beverages, so they are always balanced and pay great attention to their children. In such families, peace and love usually reign, which positively affects the development of children. World experience (India) proves that vegetarian children are in no way behind their peers, and even surpass them in terms of endurance and disease resistance. The need for egg-eating is just a myth that is completely far from the reality that most people are “fed” with.

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